Dear Joshua,

I have just had the most incredible sequence of events happen. All in the space of 1 hour! I feel like I need some clarity.

1) I go to the letting office of a local holiday rental company to collect some apartment keys for my father-in-law. He and my mother-in-law land this afternoon in Spain and have rented a nearby apartment for a week. He made it clear to the people in the office yesterday that it would be me, not my husband, who would pick up the keys. I even take my passport to prove my identity. Long and the short of it: I am treated like a potential criminal and they flat out refuse to trust me with the keys! I don’t get shirty though like I might have in the past. I know this has a hidden meaning. I am getting better at this game I guess!

2) But then within fifteen minutes I receive an email from a new potential client (author), picking my contract of representation to shreds. It is unbelievable the comments that her brother (who looks after her affairs) has put in this email. I am even being potentially accused of future potential non-payment of royalties when said author ‘becomes famous.’ Again, I can see the hilarity. Because who I am is not that character AT ALL. At this point I don’t even make the connection that I’m being assigned the trait of criminal again so soon!

3) Within minutes a friend who is usually doing the school run to get her kids at the same time I pick up mine, well she messages me. She is stuck in the hypermarket in the nearby town. Exactly at pick up time! She has totally lost track of time. This is so out of character for her that this in itself is laughable! Can I collect her kids and wait for her outside school? She’ll only be 15 minutes. Well, of course. No problem. The teacher of the youngest child is fine about this. But the teacher of the eldest child is quite different. Here we go again! I am being viewed as a kidnapper this time! She reluctantly (after much studying of the text messages on my mobile phone, for she is Spanish), ‘entrusts’ the children to me on the proviso a signed note is brought in first thing tomorrow from their mum. We wait a few minutes for my friend and the drama is finally over!

I can see the lightening fast correlation between all of these events but I can’t figure out the hidden meaning?

My friends, whom I have just told… and who are increasingly getting into LOA, reckon it could have to do with me constantly trying to ‘prove myself’ to my mother-in-law… who arrives today. Could they be right? It’s a powerful message from the Universe and I’d love to know what it’s all about!


Dear Samantha,

There are no coincidences and you now understand this. When a series of events such as these occur in your reality, and you notice them, and you realize that they are happening for a reason, and you realize that the reason is to further your personal growth and expansion, then you have the opportunity few others have. You can start to analyze the events and determine what they mean to you. You can remove yourself from the scene and decipher the lesson or meaning within the sequence of events.

Let’s imagine for a moment that everything is neutral and that nothing inherently means anything. The Law of Neutrality states that the universe is neutral and nothing good or bad, right or wrong is ever happening. It is only from your perspective that you judge something to be good or bad. Let’s go to the rental office and see if the people are behaving badly. They refuse to give you the key. Is this bad for you? Why? Is it your fault? Is there something wrong with you? Would anyone else feel like they were treated as a criminal or is this something that is personal within you?

Now let’s go to the contract of representation. Was it wrong for the brother to protect his sister’s interests? If he has the responsibility of protecting her affairs, is he wrong for stating his opinions and objections? Does this mean that you are at fault? Would a highly successful agent care what the brother thinks? Would the super-agent feel like the brother was accusing her of something unscrupulous? What is it within you that reacts negatively to these questions about the contract? When you went to retrieve the children, was it wrong for the teacher to be careful and ask for more information? If someone was coming to pick up your child, would you want them to ask for proof that they are indeed who they say they are? Was her tone really offensive, or was she just caught in a difficult position?

All of the people who brought up questions today have something in common. They all just trying to protect themselves. If you look at the people in the rental office, weren’t they simply trying to protect themselves from harm? Wasn’t the brother trying to protect his image as a protector? Wasn’t the teacher simply trying to protect herself? In each case, it was their own insecurities that made them act as they did. Had they been secure within themselves, they would have handled each of these situations differently. It’s interesting to note that their own insecurities came up in response to you. They all deemed you to be more powerful than them in each of these situations. They might not have acted this way with other people.

We are not saying that you have an imposing presence per se, we are just noting that in these specific incidences with these specific people, your demeanor was intimidating. You must see it from their perspectives. You came in to each situation from a point of power and they were on the other side of that. They were insecure in their relative position with you. They acted in ways they felt would protect their persona from you. They all acted from a position of fear and you allowed their fear to influence how you responded to them. You brought out their fear and they brought out your own feelings of unworthiness.

How would you have reacted had you been living as the highest version of who you really are? We know who you really are and we think you do as well. You are a being of pure positive love. You are a being of absolute worthiness and therefore you are completly sure of yourself. If another behaves out of fear in your presence, you do not wish for them to behave differently, you graciously accept them for who they are with all their issues and you allow that they are doing the best they can. Not everyone is at your level.

In the rental office you do not adopt a tone of indigence and you do not make them wrong. You accept that they are experiencing a moment of fear and that with love you will ease them out of their fear. You take time to see the situation from their limited perspective and you have patience with them.

When the brother tears your contract to shreds, you do not take it personally. You can see that he has set himself up as his sister’s protector and this has been going on for their entire lives. He is only doing what he thinks he must. You have nothing to do with it. The only thing you can do is manage your reaction. If you see him as a threat, then you have no power. If you see him as doing the best he can in a situation where he has no experience or talent, then you can offer empathy and in doing so you’ll gain his trust and appreciation. If you can allow him to perform his role, you’ll gain a friend.

Imagine going to the school at the last minute to retrieve a child that is not yours. You purposely put on a uniform of power so that you won’t be questioned. You did this unconsciously, but your tone was very strong. The teacher reacted in fear. Her fear took the form of defiance and indignation. It was a battle of wills. Had you taken a few moments to see the situation from her limited and fearful perspective, you might have handled things differently. Imagine if you had entered as a being of pure love and acceptance. If this was the case, you would have diffused her fear. Your mere presence would have been all that was needed to reassure her.

In each of these cases, you acted in a way so as to gain control of the situation. You did not accept the people or their actions as perfect. You did not judge them to be right, or even neutral. You judged their behavior to be wrong. In doing so you set up all three situations for failure. By trying to control the behaviors of others and by making them wrong, you create problems. By allowing them to be as they are and allowing yourself to go with the flow and have patience, you create harmony and from that, all you want will flow to you. You were resistant in each of these situations and your resistance created negative emotions. These were three powerful manifestation events and they demonstrated who you were being in the moment.

As you reflect on these events you have two choices; you can continue to view other people as being wrong and behaving badly, or you can realize that you have total control over all such events if you will simply act as who you really are. Even if you were play-acting, you would have done better. Even if you didn’t really believe that all of this was set up for you, and you just became a being of love and acceptance, it would have worked out so much more smoothly. If you had acted as the highest version of you, a being of pure positive love and acceptance, all of these people would have fallen in love with you. Imagine the power in that!