Hi Joshua,

I’ve just been on a live bootcamp call with you and as you were talking I felt I was concentrating on you intently and my body started to twitch almost spasm, mostly in my legs and stomach. This has happened to me a few times recently during meditation. Arnaud commented that the energy was high on the call and I wondered if that was the explanation for my reaction or is it my own connection to non physical?

Thank you.

Dear Sam,

When in times of alignment such as this, you become receptive to inspiration brought forth through your inner self and your millions of guides and supporters. They are trying to get your attention. The information is resonating with you, because it is the information that you once knew, but forgot as you were programmed into the dogma of your fearful society. You adopted some limiting beliefs and your perception of yourself, other people, and the world around you became more limited. This was partly intended, but you also knew that you would find your way back to the truth of reality. This is what you intended prior to your birth. The way your body felt at this time and sometimes during meditation is a sign that you are ready to uncover more.

Who you truly are is a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. Do you realize this now? As you become more and more aware of who you truly are and start seeing yourself from a higher perspective, you become aware of signs and messages from your inner self. One of the best ways to reach you is through your body. You can feel your body. You understand that when you are in alignment the energy of the universe is flowing through you. You take notice and pay attention. Are you ready for more?

Imagine that your inner self and your guides and supporters know the true and authentic version of you. They know what you intended prior to your birth and the limitless version of you. They see you living a life of limitation and since this is not what you intended to live in this life as Sam, they are helping you see them magnificence that you are. You are awakening to a new reality. That reality is the powerful and magnificent creator that you are.

Some are ready for this awakening and some are not quite ready yet. All people are receiving inspiration. Some are not ready to acknowledge the inspiration, because it does not fit with who they think they are. In order to realize the true power you have at your disposal, you must recognize your magnificence. It is no longer beneficial to entertain your fears and doubts. It is not helpful to agree with your limitations and support or accept limiting beliefs. You are more than you can even begin to imagine. Only by processing your limiting beliefs and acting on inspiration when it comes to you will you realize that power that comes from within.

This is all a game of perception. You can perceive yourself as a limited being trying to survive in a hostile world, or you can realize your true nature and understand that this entire reality was built for you and you can do anything you imagine. How about that? Isn’t that a wonderful idea? By pushing past fear and acting on inspiration, your true nature will emerge. You will discover hidden talents and attributes. You will shine your light unto the world. You will become that which you intended to become prior to your birth. It is a journey of self-discovery exploring who you truly are, not who you aren’t. And so we say, enjoy these times of alignment and understand what is really happening. Your doubts about yourself come from a deep programming of inadequacy and unworthiness. The others in your life have transferred some limiting beliefs to you. They are not true and do not apply to you. Start thinking for yourself about who you truly are. Start seeing the magnificent and limitless being you truly are. Raise your perspective of yourself and your reality will begin to take shape around that idea. All you are ever doing is perceiving yourself from a limited or less limited perspective.

Change your perspective about yourself and your reality will match that new and exciting idea of who you really are!

With our love,
We are Joshua