Hi Joshua

I’m having a manifestation event or a series of small events that I’m struggling to move past.

I work in a special needs school and I started at the end of November around the same time as another woman called Julie. Julie is only a year older than me and from the beginning I found some of her behaviours challenging but we generally got on well.

We take our students swimming every Friday and oversee them in the changing rooms and pool trying to help them be as independent as possible. Just before the Easter holidays this year Julie and I had an altercation when we were in with our two female students in the changing room. Julie became very angry with me in-front of the students and this was reported to management back at school by another member of staff who said she was appalled by Julie’s behaviour. Later that day I was told that I had acted very professionally in the situation and that Julie would be dealt with after the two week break.

Back at school a couple of weeks later I didn’t hear anything but Julie (I believed) was distinctly different with me. Off with me is a phrase we use in England. I later learned from management that she had been reprimanded by the head about the incident but it was made clear I hadn’t been the one to report her. A few more weeks went by with a few incidents involving Julie that have not been in the best interests of the students and I’ve since learned that her contract has not been renewed. She will work until the end of the summer term (another 6 weeks) and not return for the new school year in September.

Understandably Julie has not been happy with this and seems to be blaming me and two other members of staff in our class. Directing comments such as “they’re all liars” and “betrayal”. She hasn’t had a conversation directly with us but is passive aggressive or someone else said aggressive aggressive.

Now the atmosphere isn’t positive and I’m letting this get to me. I know this event is for me. I can see many of my limiting beliefs reflecting in Julie. Worthiness, victimhood, aging, immaturity, avoidance, inability to listen properly to name but a few but I have to work with her for another 6 weeks.

I’ve tried listing all her positive traits and imagining sending her love before I get to work. But in the moment when she is making comments, I feel my energy diminishing and I can’t reach for the higher feeling. I feel stuck, small, helpless and unable to communicate much like I used to when I was a small child being left in foster homes or places I didn’t know. What I really want to do is run away or for her to disappear (change the conditions). I feel guilty that she hasn’t had her contract renewed when I’m told I’m an important member of staff and they don’t want to lose me. Especially when I know this isn’t what I want to be doing long term.

This situation seems so petty on the surface but is bringing up so much that I have to process and I must be ready for it or it wouldn’t be happening but I could use your guidance please.


Dear Sam,

The fact that you feel negative emotion underlies the inherent belief that you think things should be different than they are. You receive positive emotion when your perception of reality is aligned with your inner self’s perception of your reality. Your inner self knows that everything is working out perfectly. In times like these, you perceive that your reality is flawed. You wish it was different than it is. You assume that you would feel better if things were different.

If Julie was a good person and behaved properly, you believe that you would feel better. Therefore, you believe the she has the ability to create in your reality. Your assume that your negative emotion is caused by her behavior. However, your reaction to her creates your reality. If you react in a way that is not aligned with how your inner self sees the situation, you receive negative emotion. It has nothing to do with Julie. She cannot create in your reality. It has only to do with your reaction. That reaction is based on a limiting belief.

You believe that if people liked you, then you would feel good. But since you cannot control what people think of you or how they behave (because that is dictated by their set of limiting and beneficial beliefs), you therefore have no control over your own feelings. All you can do is imagine that if they were different, then you could feel better. This is the victim’s mentality. You are not a victim, you are a creator. And so for you to move forward to become who you truly are, you must process these limiting beliefs. Julie is simply showing up to help you get to the next level of your conscious awakening.

You are the creator of your reality. You are becoming a vibrational match to the authentic version of you. When you do this, you will discover your soul’s purpose and you will live an effective and powerful life. However, until you process your limiting beliefs and understand that no one else can create in your reality, you will spend a bit more time discovering who you are not. You must remove your blame from others and also from yourself. They are not wrong and neither are you. You are all perfect as you are. Since you and they are perfect, there is no use wishing you or they were different. You must accept yourself, all others and your conditions as perfect in each and every moment.

Imagine if you knew for sure that you could not become who you authentically are without this manifestation event around Julie. This is the plain fact. This and all such manifestation events create the version of you that you are destined to become. If you understood this fully, you would completely appreciate Julie. You would thank her. You would love her. You would accept her as she is because she is allowing you to identify and process a lot of limiting beliefs. Thank God for Julie.

Without Julie interacting in this very situation, you could not ask this question at this time. You could not uncover and process your limiting beliefs at this crucial time. Thank God for Julie. Julie is helping you along your path of self-discovery as so many people have in the past and as more people will in the future. Stop avoiding manifestation events and negative emotions and start appreciating them for the benefits and information they offer.

So then, what are the limiting beliefs? Why must you process these limiting beliefs? If you are to become the true version of you that you have intended to be, then you must alter your set of beliefs about yourself, your work relationships, your power to create your own reality, and your idea around the subject of worthiness. If you process these beliefs, you’ll move closer to the life you truly want. You’ll expand. You will raise your vibration. There are so many benefits to be had. However, if you continue to play the victim and wish people were different, you will continue to be stuck in the old approach to life.

With our love,
We are Joshua