Beloved Joshua,

I know affirmations, vision boards and scripting are excellent tools to keep me focused on my desires and they have helped me to manifest some things in the past. However, I cannot use them with consistency. I mean sometimes I use these tools and other times I do not feel like doing them. I ask myself, Why am I not doing something I know is beneficial to me? I would like to be more perseverant. Any suggestions in order to improve that lack of motivation?

Blessing You,

Dear Rosa,

Affirmations, vision boards and scripting are all excellent tools to help you maintain your focus on what it is you desire. But what if you don’t really know what you desire? What if you come up with some things you want, but they are not really that pressing or interesting? If this is the case for you, all these tools will seem like work. Here’s what we suggest:

You have a vibration and that vibration signals the universe to bring you all that you want. The universe goes to work to make you a match to your desire. The universe changes you so that you can match your desire, not the other way around. What you truly want is contained within your vibration. You could not articulate it as well as your vibration does if you were to write a hundred books. The universe knows exactly what you want and how to bring it to you. All you have to do is be open to change.

In order for you to become a match to what you truly want, you must alter your vibration. Your vibration contains your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and fears. Alter this mix and you change what can come to you. You have a set of limiting beliefs based in irrational fear and this is what keeps you resistant in nature. You think that some things are right and other things are wrong and some things are good and some things are bad. You fear the bad and wrong things and so you do not make the changes necessary because you remain in a fear-based emotional state. Ease the fear and everything you want will come to you without you having to do anything else. You won’t have to do vision boards or write lists of appreciation or any of that.

When you write affirmations and gratitude lists, you are really doing only one thing. You are making yourself feel good. When you think of how much you love certain people, places or things, it makes you feel good. When you feel good, you open yourself up to good-feeling thoughts, ideas and inspiration. It is good to feel good because when you feel good, you engage the leverage of universal energy. The only time you feel bad is when you encounter fear. Fear creates negative emotion. Fear comes up because of limiting beliefs you hold onto. Release these limitations and you will feel less fear and thus you will feel good more of the time.

Don’t worry about manifesting things that aren’t that interesting to you. It’s a much better idea to work on how you feel and just let the universe do its job. So we ask you to strive to feel good. Demand to feel good. Make it a priority to feel good. Feel good by believing everything is right, everything is good and everything is working out for you. Then listen to what ideas come to you and forget about the little fears and follow whatever you are inspired to do.

With our love and blessings for you,

We are Joshua