Dear Joshua,

I play an online video game called League of Legends, in which, two teams of five players compete against each other for objectives in order to win the game. Normally, I would consider my time playing this game to be a fun and enjoyable, but sometimes these games cause me to get frustrated when my team doesn’t meet my standards. My basis for these standards are purely based on the way that teams are formed, both teams should have players that are fairly equal in skill and experience. So I think to myself “If both teams should be equal… Why is my team performing so much worse than the enemy team?”. So my question is, with the knowledge I have currently (about the law of attraction), why do I attract these teammates into my reality? and why do I let them affect me so easily? How do I stop attracting them?


Dear Roman,

You start something like playing a game for fun but soon, out of contrast you create a desire. The contrast is caused by losing the game and the desire is to win the game. Your desire gets pretty serious event thought you know it’s just a game. However, since the desire has been born, the universe is fully responding to you and bringing you the desire in the most elegant manner possible. You think you need to take action on your own so that you may manifest the desire yourself.

You believe that if you want something, you must make it happen yourself. This is not always effective or the easiest way to achieve what you want. In fact, if you take action on your own without lining yourself up with the powers of the universe, whatever you accomplish will pale in comparison to what would have been created from the synergistic alliance with the universe. The universe is quite powerful. Your only job is to align with those energies.

Back to the action part. In this case you see that often you are matched up with players who are not up to your standards. You feel that this is wrong. You believe that the algorithm that selects these players is wrong. Since there’s nothing you can do, you take the only option, which is to get better at manifesting good players. Your desire to win is strong and since there’s nothing practical you can do, you take the only action that’s left available which is to mind-meld your way to better players. You are using Law of Attraction to will your desire to fruition. A lot of people try this and it never works because they are missing one key element, themselves.

You are not yet a match to your desire which is to win at the level you believe to be right for your standards and skills. You are not vibrationally tuned to your desire and this is why it has not manifested in your reality. The only way to create anything you want is to become a vibrational match to it. The only way that’s possible is for you to change into the version of you that wins at higher levels. The only thing you can “do” is change who you are. This is the case with absolutely everything you want but do not currently possess. If you want it and you don’t have it then you must change.

Now, how will you have to change? In what areas is change necessary? Shall we tell you? No we won’t, because if we told you, you would try to take action to cause the change yourself. The only thing you can do is allow the universe to change you. The universe will cause you to alter your beliefs if you allow it and will inspire you to take action when the time is ready. Until then, you just have to sit there and get yourself into a state of allowing. There’s nothing effective you can do unless you’re inspired to do it.

This might be hard for you to swallow, but it’s law and cannot be any other way. The sooner you get used to this system, the more effective you will become at manifesting what you want. The thing to do is to pay attention to your emotions. When you feel negative emotion, you are holding onto some limiting belief. The belief is based in fear and it’s not helpful. You cannot eliminate the belief for it will always exist. All you need to do is reduce its intensity. You do that by proving to yourself that the belief is false.

Let’s say that you have the belief that you should not be matched up with players of lesser skill. You believe this is wrong. You believe that you cannot win with these players dragging you down. You believe that the system should be better at matching you with players of equal skill. All of these beliefs are limiting and therefore false. If a belief is limiting and is based in irrational fear, then it is false; always, every time. All you have to do is show yourself why it’s false.

We will start with the belief that you should be matched up with players of equal skill every time. This is false because it goes to the belief that something should happen for something else to be possible. In a universe which is based on your ability to create your own reality, nothing else needs to happen first. You have the power to create whatever you want regardless of what is happening on the outside. The outside world that you translate with your five senses is simply a reflection of your inner world. Everything on the outside was created from the inside. Everything that is happening should be happening. Everything is a perfect reflection of your vibrational frequency. Everything is happening for you, not to you.

If the universe has matched you up with lesser players, you can rest assured there is a reason for it and the only reason is to shape your belief system in such a way that you will become a match to your desire. If you are resisting this molding (by believing something is wrong) then you are not moving in the direction of your desire. The resistance to what is holds you apart from what you want. It seems like things are going wrong, but that is from the limited perspective of your present self who is not yet a match to what you really want.

The normal response to conditions one does not like is to either change the conditions through action or remove oneself from the conditions, which is essentially just giving up. A better way is to allow yourself to see the conditions as right and determine what it is in your set of beliefs that causes you to falsely believe the conditions are wrong. If you can do this, everything you truly want will manifest into your reality in time.

You are even more powerful than you know