You know my situation, what do I do? Please be specific, thank you.


Dear Robert,

Your life unfolds in a way that matches the vibration you emit, perfectly. This is true of everyone. Your life, all the wonderful aspects, all the aspects you consider good or bad, are a perfect reflection of the vibration you have been emitting and also reflects the vibrational signal you are currently sending. Whether you judge anything as good or bad has a lot to do with your perception of your own reality. Because you judge something to be good, it is good for you specifically. When you judge something to be wrong, it is you who makes it wrong and thus you attract more of that as well. However, there is another approach to life. Let us share that with you now.

There are really only two emotions; love and fear. When you feel positive emotion, you are looking at the subject in a way that aligns with who you really are and what you really want. The good feelings you receive indicate that you have a beneficial belief that supports your perception of the subject. It means you’re on the right track toward what you really want. Conversely, when you feel negative emotion of any kind, it is an indication that you have a limiting belief based in fear. The belief is limiting and it is not true.

So then, when you think about something that is distressing you, you have uncovered a belief that is based in fear. Whether you are angry or think something is wrong, it is simply that you fear that subject. But there is no reason to fear it because your belief in this regard is false. There is no real basis in truth to the fear behind this belief. You can prove it’s false by using evidence.

We are teachers. We can see your vibration and based on that we can know certain probable futures. Yet for us to indicate one probability over another would not serve you. The only way to alter what comes to you, in each moment, is to change your vibration. This may not be the guidance you are looking for, but the fact is that you create your own reality through the vibration you emit. No one, not even us can create in your reality. Change your vibration and your reality will shift to a new reality that matches your new vibration.

Your vibration is controlled by your beliefs to a large degree and while your belief system is relatively open and beneficial, in certain areas you still hang on to some very limiting beliefs. If you can analyze these beliefs, and prove to yourself that they are not true and that they do not serve who you really are, you will have altered your vibration to such a degree that you’ll see great change come.

It is up to you to acknowledge that certain beliefs do not serve you. Some of these beliefs are so strong that you might consider them to be fact. Yet, if you really think about it, if you pay attention to what your emotions are telling you, you can lessen the intensity of these beliefs by showing them to be false.

You are a doer and you want to know the action steps you can take to solve a problem. But this is going about it in a way that is fundamentally opposed to the laws of the universe. When you are focused on a problem to be fixed, you cannot see the solution. There is no course of action you can take that will change the conditions you find yourself in because until you alter your vibration, every decision will lead you to the same place. This is why we would never tell anyone what to do. Until you see the conditions as a gift alerting you to a limiting belief, you won’t be inspired to do what’s necessary to change your own vibration and thereby create the life and conditions you truly want.

You are loved more than you can image and you are a confident being based in pure love.