Dear Joshua,

Do you think reality is beyond perception? My understanding is (as said in ACIM etc) perception (like this world) is NOT reality but an INVENTION. So, I rather considered this world an invention not reality. To me reality is beyond perception, is changeless, and eternal. While perceptions (and images) changes, you can only hold onto bits-and-pieces here and their (out of countless perceptions) unless you are something that can see ALL OF PERCEPTION in all realms, dimensions, worlds.

And that reality is GOD (or whatever you want to call reality that is beyond perception) itself can only be known by being GOD itself; not just some “tiny spot in the universe” or some tiny perception in countless universes, countless realms. In other words, does Joshua think that we live in perception for zillions of years, forever and forever or will go beyond perceptions/ images?

Getting the answer to this is important as it might tell me whether I should go with Joshua oneon- one program or not? So, whatever the answer it will help!


Dear Raheel,

Reality is the essential isness. It is what is. It is eternal, timeless but it is also ever-changing. However, reality is subjective based on the perception of the perceiver. It molds itself, if you will, to the perception of the one perceiving it. Therefore, all reality is an individual experience.

There is the physical reality in which you live and the nonphysical reality where we reside (and where you will return to someday). You perceive your reality from a limited perspective while we perceive your reality from a higher perspective. You can understand some of your reality while we can see more of it. Yet for you and for us, it still comes down to perception.

Would you not agree that an expanded perception is more beneficial? You can choose to focus narrowly on your life and the world around you or you could choose to look at your reality from the higher perspective. All we teach is how to perceive reality from our higher perspective. That will be enough for you to alter the course and quality of your life in this reality.

Let’s take a real world example. In this reality you can be, do and have anything you want. If you decide that you want something, the universe responds with the Law of Attraction. You can only experience that which you are a match to. If you want something and it does not exist in your life, you’re simply not a match to it. In order to get it, you must become a match to it. There’s nothing for you to do other than go with the flow of what comes your way because the universe will mold you into the version of you that will become a match to what you say you want.

In doing so, the universe will create manifestation events. These events, if you go with the flow of them and pay attention, will cause a change in your belief systems so that you will move toward the version of you that matches what you want. If you resist the event, you will not change. If you lean into the event, understanding that there is something for you to get out of the event, you will be changed. However, the event itself will cause negative emotion. This is your sign that you are in the middle of a manifestation event.

Often, when you feel negative emotion, you are perceiving that something bad is happening. Now here lies what we are talking about. From a limited perception of your reality, you might conclude that the event, whatever it is, is wrong or bad because you don’t like what’s happening. You feel bad and you want the event to stop. Yet, the event is happening for your growth, expansion and is there to modify one or more limiting beliefs.

So here’s how perception works. You can view the event neutrally, without judgment, or you can view the event as something bad that is happening to you, rather than for you. These are two entirely different perceptions of reality, yet one of them keeps you chained to an approach to life that yields poor results and the other unlocks your ultimate freedom to create the life you desire.

Perception is an invention. It is your invention. The world is an invention, it is your personal invention. How you perceive your world is the only thing that matters. It does not matter how we perceive it because we are not living it. We only share our perception of your reality because you have asked us. We can see your potential from our higher and broader vantage point. So can your inner self. It is you who must be brave and bold enough to choose to see it for yourself. You can choose to accept our perspective or you can choose to live life without our perspective. It is always your choice.

You are loved more than you can imagine,