Dear Joshua,

I am scared of needles and blood. Thus, I hate getting medical blood tests done. This fear has existed far back into childhood with the earliest memory being around age 5-6 where I am crying as a doctor needs to prick my finger with a needle. This fear has caused further problems that I could not have predicted.

I want to let go of this fear. In the past, I gave EFT a try and also just talking to myself to get over it and that everything is okay. Yet, here I am again scared to go for my next blood test that is required for my health.

I get anxious just at the sight of a medical needle and the blood that comes along with it. It is just so scary for me.


Dear Rachna,

There are two types of fear; rational and irrational. Rational fear is caused by something in your reality that could cause you imminent death or bodily injury. If you are walking down a path and you encounter a bear, you would experience rational fear. If the subject of your fear can do you know harm, you are experiencing irrational fear. The sight of blood or the prick of a needle can do you no harm and so this is an example of an irrational fear. However, both rational and irrational fears often feel the same and so it’s easy to confuse the two. This is why it is so important to analyze your fears.

Fear is not bad or wrong, it’s simply limiting. It limits you from continuing down the path when the bear is in your way and it limits you from getting blood tests when necessary. If you would like to live a more expanded life with fewer limitations imposed by fear, you must start to analyze and process your fears. The fear of a bear harming you is real. The fear of a needle harming you is not. Always seek to see the reality of the situation.

Fear does not feel good, especially if you have lived your entire life in fear. You are an emotionally sensitive person and you tend to feel your fear more intensely than others. Some might tease you about the fear you feel, but to you, it feels real. They are not as sensitive and so they cannot understand your reactions to irrational fear.

You intended to live a limitless experience in physical reality, not a limited one. Your entire experience in this life is dominated by fear. It encompasses every aspect of your life. If you would inspect any area of your life that is not working, you would find that it is being suppressed by fear. Do you have a wonderful and fulfilling occupation? If not, it’s due to fear in that area. Do you have an amazing romantic partner? If not, it’s due to fear. Do you have all the money you desire? If not, it’s because there are great fears in this area. If you want to live the life you intended to live, you must process your fears.

How do you rationally and consciously process and push past irrational fears? You simply determine if it is rational or irrational. Is flying in an airplane a rational fear or not? Certainly, people have died in airplane crashes, but statistically it’s a very safe form of travel and it’s highly unlikely anything will happen. This is an irrational fear. Is a fear of needles rational? No. Few people die from blood tests. It’s highly unlikely, therefore it’s irrational.

If you succumb to irrational fear, you live a limited experience of life. If you are able to analyze and push past fear, you live a far less limited life. It’s your choice. What kind of life will you live, one in fear or one in love? You are a being of love and there is nothing to fear. You are the creator of your reality and when you succumb to fear, you create more fearful experiences. The only way to live life as you intended is to live in love by analyzing and processing irrational fear. Everything you want in this life is located on the other side of your fears.

With our love,
We are Joshua