Hello Joshua,

Every once in a while I seem to receive a message from a Goddess version of me. I say “version of me” as the form seems blended to my form, as though I am one with her physically at those moments when she reveals herself. It is a Vedic (Hindu) form, yet I am not religious in the slightest. She is dramatic, spiritual and full of divine power. I’m having trouble understanding whether I am actually channeling her or if this is a rather fanciful bit of imagination on my part. If it’s my imagination, I’m totally fine with that, just curious. But if I’m actually channeling, I wonder how to connect more with her. Can I? Or is she someone that comes when she wants to?

Thanks in advance!

Dear Priya,

Channeling is the most natural human ability in physical reality. It is part of the mechanism of physical reality. You were always meant to have a connection with the nonphysical realm. In this time of awakening, more and more people are realizing that this communication is coming and is a normal and perfectly natural aspect of reality. Doesn’t it make sense that you should be able to communicate with the nonphysical? After all, your thoughts are nonphysical. Where do you think they come from?

What’s the difference between imaginary contact with a nonphysical being and real contact with an actual being. Well is the being real? Are the thoughts real? They are not physical or tangible, but they are real. Aren’t all ideas real? Then what makes your imaginary relationship with a nonphysical goddess real or not? It has to do with the information that you are bringing forth. If that information is valid, if you record it or write it down, then it’s as real as it gets. If you have brought it forth into physical reality through your writings or recordings, now it’s a physical and tangible thing. And you brought forth the nonphysical and made it physical. That’s what all manifestation is about.

Is Joshua real or are we a figment of Gary’s imagination? What’s the difference? If you find value in what we have to say, then it doesn’t matter who we are or where the information comes from. The only thing that matters is whether it’s beneficial to you or not. It is only real if it’s real to you.

Do you enjoy channeling? Then you must continue. You can summon forth this Goddess any time you like. It can be every day, every hour, every minute, or with you always. That is up to you. However you want it to be, it will be. You are never disconnected from your Goddess, or for that matter from your inner self or your millions. You are surrounded by beings of love in every moment of every day.

She will always want to talk to you. She is not like a human. You can never drag her away from something more important. She can be here and there simultaneously. The moment you think of her, she is there. If you think it’s all a bit strange, well that’s just the skeptical human side of you. If you have fear, there’s nothing to fear; it’s irrational fear. There is nothing more enjoyable that doing something you’re passionate about. If this is it, then pursue it to your heart’s delight. If not, then at least you know how these things work and you can use her as your own personal guide.

With our love for you and for your goddess,
We are Joshua