Dear Joshua,

How do I cultivate the feeling of worthiness in my daily life?


Dear Pernilla,

You are worthy. That is the fact. You were born worthy. You did not become unworthy at some point in your life. The idea of unworthiness must be cultivated until you come to believe it. You must consciously perceive yourself as unworthy in order to pretend that you are unworthy. So then, somewhere along the line, you adopted the belief or set of beliefs that you were unworthy. In order to reclaim your sense of worthiness, you must adopt new beliefs.

You are perfect as you are right now in this moment. Do you feel perfect right now, or are you perceiving some areas where improvement might appear beneficial? What is the idea around the perceived enhancement of any aspect of yourself, your body or your life? It’s simply the limiting belief that you would feel better if the improvements manifested in your life. Of course, this idea is in complete opposition to the laws of the universe. You cannot ask for improvement in order to feel something you do not already feel. You must feel it now and then allow the universe to manifest a reality that forms around that feeling.

If you want to feel worthy in order to release your feeling of unworthiness, then you are wishing for something that is truly impossible. It defies all laws of the universe. All you can do now is to feel worthy in every moment of your life and then situations will arise that allow you to see how you are actually feeling. Do you want to feel worthiness in order to relieve doubt? That too is impossible. If you want to lessen the amount of doubt in your life, then you must perceive doubt differently. Doubt is not a bad thing. Doubt gives you time to think about what you are doing before you proceed. Therefore, doubt is beneficial. You can come to appreciate the doubt even though you never need to heed to the doubt; unless the doubt comes as an urge to control the conditions.

Do you now see the benefit in doubt? If you are inspired to some action, you will receive doubt. You might have felt the doubt before entering the bootcamp. However, you pushed past the doubt and gained the benefit of the expansion inherent in that action. The action was aligned with love and with who you truly are and what you truly want. When you are in a low emotional state, you receive urges to change the conditions. You think about the action suggested by the urge and doubt arrives to give you time to contemplate that action. And so the doubt causes you to see the nonbeneficial action from a new perspective. You do not take uninspired action due to the doubt. Thank goodness for doubt!

It is not bad or wrong to feel unworthy. There is nothing wrong with your limiting beliefs. They are simply limiting. If you would like to feel more worthy, process the limiting beliefs. Prove to yourself that you are worthy. In which areas of your life do you feel worthy? Take pride in those areas. Where do you feel doubt? Start pushing through doubt when inspired. Give up the idea that doubt and unworthiness are bad feelings. They are not. Everyone has those feelings to some degree. Learn to accept them and live with them. If you can do that, then doubt and unworthiness will limit you less and less and less.

With our love,
We are Joshua