Dear Joshua.

Thank you. I am a trainer and teacher of empowerment. I have had many adventures in my own explorations and natural way of living. I have also had some rather extreme times. Currently, I am supported in my business but I don’t really have many clients. I always believed they come etc., but I am in a new country and it is quite slow. I also know I am here for my own growth and that I am involved in the collective even when not directly training and teaching people.

I do welcome guidance on sharing my work and also, doing a bit better in practical ways like money, having more than enough and not being so on the edge at times. Also, with putting myself out there confidently and with self worth evident. Thank you wholeheartedly for your answer.


Dear Paul,

It is apparent that you have found passion in your life. You have found your purpose and that is a wonderful thing. Most will not find their purpose or passions in this life and many that do, will not have the courage to pursue them. You have already done that and so you are one of the few. Bravo! We applaud you.

You live a life of passion and purpose. You are a teacher and as such, you are not here to fix anything or anyone, you are here to learn. What are you here to learn? You are here to come to understand who you are and your place in this universe. You have come to learn about yourself; who you authentically are. Who you are being is a limited version of who you really are. If you can see that this difference between who you really are and who you are being is simply an illusion caused by fear, then all your work in self-discovery is based on the ability to process fear. You are either processing fear effectively or not. You are either processing fear in some areas of your life, but not in others. In order for you to become your authentic self, you must develop the ability to process fear in every area of your life.

You have had an interesting life that many would call an adventure. This means that you have a unique ability to process fears in some very specific aspects of your life. That is very good. All you have to do now is process the fears that exist in other areas. Let’s take a closer look at that idea.

Who you really are is a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. If you lived to the fullest extent possible as your true self while living in physical reality, we would call this your authentic self. The only difference between who you are being now and your authentic self is how you view yourself. How you view yourself has to do with your fears. In some areas, you view yourself in a less limited way because you are able to see yourself from a more empowering perspective. These are the areas of your life where you succeed. In other areas, your idea of self is limited due to fear. You have not processed those fears and so those areas of your life seem to be a struggle. But the struggle is just an illusion. You are simply perceiving it as a struggle. What is really happening is that you are being given the opportunity to identify your limiting beliefs.

Let’s say that you have the ability to fly to the other side of the world and explore the jungle. The money is provided for you to go. Do you hesitate? No. You have no fear in this area because you see yourself as an explorer and therefore, nothing is limiting you. Let’s say now that you are to build a business that helps millions of people. There is great fear around that and so the business never really gets off the ground. Do you see the difference? It’s simply how you perceive yourself. You believe that it is one thing to hike in the jungle of a foreign country, but a completely different thing to build a successful business helping millions of people. It is not. It’s exactly the same thing.

Nothing is real in physical reality. The jungle is not real and the business is not real. You create it all. It’s just as easy to create a successful business as a walk in the jungle. However, do you see that some people could build a big and successful business, but never walk alone in a jungle? Some people can be fit and healthy, but not have success in relationships, or work, or find their passions. You can have an empowering idea of yourself in one area, but not in others. In some areas, you have no limiting beliefs, but in others you have many and so it feels like some areas are working while others are not.

When you perceive struggle, what you are really doing is moving through a series of manifestation events designed to uncover limiting beliefs. When you feel negative emotion, this is a sign that you are perceiving your reality with fear. The fear is false. It is triggered by a limiting belief. Find that belief and prove that it too is false. All limiting beliefs are false and they are responsible for your current image of yourself in the areas of your life that are not working. See yourself as more magnificent in those areas by reducing the intensity of your limiting beliefs and your reality will start to change.

See yourself as valuable and that your specific passion has purpose. See the benefit that it will bring to others. Do not see others as needing your services, see them only as benefiting from them. See them as perfect as they are without your services, but understand that they will enjoy the expansion that your services will offer them. If you see them in an empowering way, you maintain your alignment and you have access to inspiration. If you see them in a limiting way, you will want to fix them and your actions will be based in the fear that they are not whole. Your actions will be fear-based and will not be of benefit.

Most importantly, see yourself as a teacher who has come to learn more about yourself. See yourself as an explorer who has come to explore new and more empowering ways to look at and think about yourself. See the value that you offer and believe that it is desired by millions. Do not worry about what is not working. That is simply the reflection of how you have been perceiving yourself in the past. Perceive yourself differently and you will receive inspiration to take actions that resonate with the version of you that you will become when you are ready to empower millions of people. All you are ever doing is working on improving your idea of who you are or not. All you are ever doing is becoming your authentic self or not. When you see yourself as a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance, you will receive inspiration and you will push past the fears that always arise from inspired ideas. If you can do that, you will move to a new level, your reality will change, and you will be fortunate enough to face an entirely new set of challenges and fears.

You see, the process of self-discovery is infinite and endless. The joy is in the journey, not the destination. Have a fun trip!

With our love,
We are Joshua