Dear Joshua,

I have just got drawn into a conflict with the children of an 84 yr old neighbor who has the first signs of dementia but otherwise very healthy. Her son has placed her into a care facility and sold off her home without including her. This is making me feel sick and angry for her and her sense of helplessness and lack of support from those who are the paid carers for her. There seems to be no love or respect for a human being who is just in her own space sometimes. How can I resolve these feelings within myself? I feel all I can do is what I am able, which is regular visits of love and kindness and a gift of flowers from my garden.

Thank you,

Dear Patricia,

When you experience negative emotion, what you are really feeling is the disconnection from your inner self. From your perspective, which is a bit limited, you perceive that this situation its wrong and that the children are behaving badly. You place yourself in the shoes of your neighbor and you imagine how she must feel. You perceive how you would feel in the same situation. Again, this is what causes your misalignment. You wish things were different than they are so that you (and your neighbor) could feel better. We are here to help you see this situation from another, higher perspective. When you see it from our perspective, you will feel a bit of relief and this is your indication that you are coming back into alignment.

There is nothing to fear. There is no wrong here. This is all happening based on the vibrations your neighbor has been emitting. There is nothing you need to do other than regain your alignment and then act on whatever inspiring ideas come to you. Your regular visits and gifts of flowers will really only ever be helpful when you regain your alignment. When you are out of alignment, you will receive urges to change the conditions and to make the children wrong for the conditions that they seem to be promoting. Remember, from the higher perspective nothing is wrong. These are valuable and expansive experiences for your neighbor and her children. It is part of the expansion they agreed to. In the nonphysical, they are bonded with love and these relationships are eternal.

If you resent those you love, those in your family, you will create conditions that match how you feel. If you regret decisions made in the past, your current conditions will reflect this. If you wish things were different and you think that your current relationship with family members is wrong and should be changed, you will receive the reflection of this in your current life. Your conditions are always the reflection of your thoughts and feelings. If you feel negative emotion, you have uncovered a limiting belief. If you choose to address that belief and reduce its intensity, very good, the conditions will improve. However, if you continue to maintain your limiting beliefs, your conditions will stand firm and even worsen by your standard of opinion.

Your neighbor’s condition, all the events that have happened, perfectly match her beliefs. She is receiving the conditions that conform to what she feels inside, whether you can see that or not. She now has a real reason for the feelings she has been offering for so long. To her, it all makes sense. She is also perfectly prepared to handle all of it and when she returns to the nonphysical realm, she will derive great benefit from this experience. It will help her identify new aspects of physical reality to explore in her next incarnation. But, from your perspective, it looks bad.

You are not offering the exact same vibration she is. You are not holding onto resentment as she is. However, in your belief that her children are bad, you add that to your vibration and so you attract it. Your neighbor has other neighbors who have no idea what’s going on because they do not hold the same limiting belief that you do and so they do not attract the same manifestation event for themselves. If you believe that children of elderly parents should behave in a certain way, then you yourself have a limiting belief and this is your opportunity to process it.

Children respond to their parents based on the vibration the parents are offering and that is the end of the story. It is law and cannot be otherwise. If you believe in a right and a wrong way for children of any age to behave, then you carry a limiting belief. It does not matter what the subject is, if you believe in anything good or bad, right or wrong, then you hold some limiting beliefs and these beliefs keep you apart from the life you truly want. Manifestation events like these allow you to uncover limiting beliefs. If you continue to perceive things as wrong, what you are saying is that you believe that bad things can happen to you. You dismiss the absolute power of vibration to create your reality. You are approaching life as a victim of fate rather than the creator of your reality. You perceive that bad things can happen to you rather than understanding that everything happens for you and for everyone else.

You are not here to save the world, to change people, or to help anyone. The world is fine, the people are exploring reality in their own way, and no one is in need of your help. In alignment, you will be inspired to do things that make you feel better. While this may or may not be of benefit to others, it is important to realize that when you are out of alignment, you help no one, especially yourself. Find a way to reduce the intensity of your own limiting beliefs so that you can find and maintain your own alignment and then everything will magically fall into place.

With our love,
We are Joshua