Good morning,

I live in Switzerland and I speak french (sorry for my english). The law of attraction is my absolute passion. I wrote a book and I’m teaching a little the LOA. I want more! I want communicate like Gary with non-physical entities. I believe I can do that. Am I going in the right direction to make it happen? I imagine and I feel a big successful and an amazing life.

Thank you for your answer.

Best regards,

Dear Patricia,

You can communicate with nonphysical entities. You can reach the vibration of infinite intelligence. You are talking to us now and so you are within vibrational range of us. That is very good indeed. You believe you can do it and so your beliefs are aligned with your desires. You are almost there.

So then, what is keeping you from opening the channel of communication. Is it fear? Is it a feeling of lack? Is it a feeling of unworthiness? Is it a combination of these things? That is for you to decide.

Gary believed he was worthy of receiving us, he just never thought something like this would happen. He believed it was available to other people and so when we came (after months of consistent meditation), he was ready. The only thing that was creating some vibrational dissonance was his belief that channeling was weird and he had to overcome that.

What helped Gary most was his complete detachment from any specific outcome. He did not care if he wrote a book, and has now written five. He did not care if anyone paid any attention to the Teachings of Joshua, and now they are received all over the world. He didnʼt care if anyone believed that he was a channel or if the teachings really came from the nonphysical. And he did not care if he made money or not.

He is not attached to being famous, to being respected, to being loved, or any of that. He is open in his beliefs and he is completely without attachment to any specific outcome. After spending time with us, Gary has adopted a new approach to life. He lets life come to him. He does nothing other than pursue his interests and passions and he does everything because itʼs fun. He has become an allower.

He sees no wrong. He does not care how it all unfolds. He enjoys what the day has to offer. He does not look too far into the future because he now knows that his perspective is limited. All he does in every moment is follow his highest excitement and in doing so he feels joy.

But most importantly of all, he allows the universe to do the heavy lifting. He assigns the tasks he does not want to do do the universe. He does not act when not inspired to act. He does not try to get things done. He sets his intentions and he steps back. He does not fill in his own grid as Abraham likes to say.

If you are meant to be a channel, it will come to you. There is nothing you have to do or can do to make that happen. Just enjoy what you are doing now and if that is your path, it will show up in some form. However, you are trying to fill in your grid. You think that channeling is for you, but you have no idea. You might be on a path of something even greater, but greatness is nothing to strive for. You are already great as you are. All you have to do is realize that now and let go of your need to prove yourself to anyone. Find out who you really are, what you really like doing, and pursue that.

We will suggest one thing: practice daily meditation. This will open your connection to the nonphysical. This will help you organize your thoughts. This will help you to feel good. You can achieve nothing from a low emotional state of being, so practice feeling good. From that point, you can allow everything you want to come to you. Just let go of your idea of how it should come and what it should look like.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.
We are Joshua