Dear Joshua,

I’d like to ask a question about the pineal gland. I feel it’s really important for some reason, hence sharing, and wonder what your thoughts are?

Having done a little research this morning it appears one of the best ways to activate the PG is through a meditation. Do you think Joshua’s meditations on their own help to do this…or would you / Joshua be inspired to do one on this subject if it resonates with you?

I don’t know anything about the pineal gland or activating it so any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Dear Ondine,

Yes, we would say that meditation activates the pineal gland, but not in the way you understand it because the pineal gland is always active. Your eyes are active whether the the eyelids are open or closed. When you open your eyelids (and there is enough light), your brain receives images and interprets them into meaning. You are always receiving thoughts because your pineal gland is always and your brain is interpreting those thoughts into meaning.

Imagine that you opened your eyes and saw images. If you know what those images are, your brain can interpret something meaningful from what is seen. However, the brain interprets the images as they conform to your beliefs. You can only see what you can believe. If anything you see does not conform to your beliefs, you will either not see it at all (it will not even register even though something is clearly there), or the image will be obfuscated, (rendered obscure, unclear, or unintelligible). The same is true with the thoughts you receive.

If you receive a thought and it is counter to your beliefs, you will either not perceive the thought at all (it will not register), or it will be transmuted into something else entirely that does resonate with your existing belief system. The pineal gland, like your eyes, ears, nose, skin, and tongue is always active. You cannot turn it on or off. You are always receiving thoughts. Meditation simply allows you to understand the thoughts that are being received from the perspective of a witness or observer.

If you opened your eyes and saw something totally new, you might not even be aware of it, because it would not conform to your existing beliefs. There are stories of native Americans who could not see the European explorer’s ships out at sea, because these are things that did not match their pre-existing beliefs. However, some could see them, but had no words to describe them to the others. Eventually, the other’s beliefs changed and now they could all see the ships. This is true of the thoughts you receive.

The thoughts you receive are for you because somehow you’ve become a vibrational match to them and they’ve been released. However, until you achieve a new vibrational state, new thoughts cannot come. As you expand through experiences, you adjust your beliefs and you become a match to new thoughts. Since your vibration is formed partially from the beliefs you hold, your access to new thoughts is either limited or granted. If you choose to hold onto limiting beliefs, you will not have access to very many new thoughts. If you exist in a state of fear, the new thoughts will not come. If you do not allow your beliefs to be malleable, you will not fully receive the thoughts that are coming. Therefore, the key to receiving higher and higher thought forms is to expand your beliefs from limiting to empowering.

With our love,
We are Joshua