Dear Joshua,

There is only one instance in the written boot camp material where you mention importance of “cultivating the feelings that we really want (love, acceptance, freedom… abundance).”
Would you speak to us more about this?
What dose cultivating the feelings do do us and how do we actually do it?

With Love,

Dear Mira,

Prior to your birth you set the intentions to experience love, freedom abundance, joy and other feelings associated with love. In the old approach to life of control, you seek to manipulate conditions, other people and even your own behavior in order to receive feelings you perceive you are lacking. In doing so, you are exploring the other side of those feelings. You are exploring the lack of those feelings. You did not intend to receive love-based feelings from others. You intended to feel those feelings within and then allow a reality to be created that matches the true abundance of those feelings. When you were born, you felt true love for yourself and all others. You accepted the conditions as good and perfect. You were immersed in the feelings associated with love. Somewhere along the way you learned to manipulate the conditions in order to revive those feelings. In doing so you detached yourself from the source of those lovebased feelings; Source itself.

All love-based feelings are derived from Source. You feel the feeling from within as you are naturally connected to and aligned with Source consciousness. The illusion is that those feelings (like all feelings) are created in your reactions to what you perceive in your reality. Someone may say something or do something and you will judge it as good or bad. If you perceive it as good, then you will react by feeling that they love you. If you judge it as bad or wrong, then you will receive urges to change conditions, people and even yourself in order to manipulate the conditions into a form that you will respond to in love. However, that approach is ineffective and cannot work, because it defies the laws of the universe.

If the true source of love can only be found within in your connection to Source consciousness, then you can never truly find the feelings you want on the outside. It is an inside job. In order to feel the feelings of love, you must cultivate them from within. You are in complete control of this process.

If you want to feel love, then you must cultivate that feelings by accepting yourself, all other people and all conditions as good. The simple act of acceptance will strengthen your connection to the source of love; Source consciousness itself. If you want to enjoy the feeling of appreciation, then you must appreciate yourself, your life, your body, all conditions and all people. Practice giving love and appreciation and you will feel the feeling of love and appreciation. Put out what you prefer and your reality will be flush with those feelings you prefer. This is the design of the system. It is all based on the Law of Attraction. You attract people, feelings and conditions that are a vibrational match to the vibration of love. Therefore, you must cultivate the feeling of love and your vibration will be based in love. You are in total control of your vibration by the thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold and the approach to life you adopt. Be a being of love and acceptance and your world will reflect that love back to you.

With our love,
We are Joshua