Hi Joshua!

I love love love the law of attraction and the leading edge work you are doing! For the most part, I fully get how it all works. The one thing I am stuck on, is this idea that our attention and attachment to what is, only helps to perpetuate it… and the seemingly contradictory stance that “all pain exists in resistance to what is.”

How can we be present to the things we don’t want without including it in our future manifestations? I know the present moment is inclusive of more than what is in front of us, but I am confused about how to allow what is and not include it in further vibrational manifestations.

Thank you for your time!

Dear Michael,

When you see something you do not like and you focus your attention on the negative aspects of it, you are not really attracting more of that specific thing you do not like, you are attracting more of the feeling of what you don’t like. That may or may not be the same exact thing, but it’s the representation of the thing you don’t like. It’s the feeling that is the root of what you attract.

For instance, you are in traffic and someone pulls in front of you. You feel fear because you are choosing to see this as wrong. It is someone who does not respect other drivers and their actions are an insult to you. They are a danger to you, to other drivers, and to themselves. You get very angry and you would eliminate this person from the planet if you could. Now, will your attention to what is not wanted attract this very same driver into your reality in the future? Probably not. Will you attract other similar drivers into your reality in the future? Probably you will. Will you attract other instances of disrespect in the future? It is very likely you will, if you continue to perceive this as wrong.

You see, above it all, your perspective is a choice. If you are in traffic and someone pulls out in front of you, how you choose to perceive it is up to you. The other person cannot create in your reality. You create based on your perspective in the moment. Since your perspective is always a choice, you create your reality by the constant and never-ending choice of perspective in each and every moment. If you choose the higher perspective, the one that matches your inner self’s perspective, you feel good. If you choose the limited perspective, you will receive a message in the form of negative emotion and you will feel bad. If you choose the higher perspective, you will feel good and express love and attract a future based on this conscious approach to life. The other driver will not bother you because you will not perceive that you are in any danger or that he disrespected you in any way. If you choose the limited perspective, you will always feel fear.

The benefit of choosing the higher perspective has to do with alignment. The higher perspective will allow you to maintain your alignment. When in alignment, you are open to inspiring thoughts and ideas. These thoughts and ideas will always lead you to becoming a vibrational match to your desires. That’s why alignment is so beneficial. Out of alignment, you will receive urges to change the conditions and this will not represent who you really are or lead you closer to what you really want. If you are cut off in traffic, you might receive the urge to make an obscene gesture to the other driver. This act does not resonate with who you really are and does nothing to move you closer to what you truly want. It is just a response to an urge; action derived from fear, not love.

If you choose the higher perspective in all things, you are choosing to see that everything is right in some form. It might not be right for you, it might not be what you personally prefer, but you can see how it might be an experience that could be beneficial for someone else. What you are saying by choosing the higher perspective is that you are not scared by this thing. That you have nothing to fear. You understand that you are the creator of your reality and this is something that you personally do not need to experience.

If you feel negative emotion it has to do with a fear. The fear is always triggered by a limiting belief. When choosing the limited perspective, you are accepting that something in the conditions is causing you to perceive reality in a way that brings up fear. It is not the true reality that your inner self sees, it is an illusion based on your limiting belief. Without this belief, you could not feel fear and choose the limited perspective. So then, the only way you could ever have a problem with what is, is due to the existence of a limiting belief somewhere inside you.

You have chosen a limited perspective and this means you have entered a manifestation event. The limiting belief must be exposed. The purpose of the manifestation event is to root out this limiting belief that lives within you. You must address it and process it. You must find a way to prove that it is not true. You must find evidence that proves it’s false. When you do this, you reduce the intensity of the limiting belief and the next time the same thing happens in your reality, you will feel the fear much less powerfully. If you ignore the manifestation event, dismiss the notion that you have a limiting belief, and find fault with the conditions (rather than with your interpretation of the conditions), then the event must arise again and again and again.

This is how you attract what you do not want. Find the limiting belief and dismantle it and the universe will have no reason to bring it up ever again. Does that make sense?

With our love,
We are Joshua