Dear Joshua,

How do I find my passions? There are things that interest me, but sometimes the time and work involved in pursuing them, given my other responsibilities and my physical energy levels, tend to reduce my interest or don’t leave me feeling that I can pursue it. Or, if it is a “true” passion (as opposed to a passing interest), would I somehow find the time and have the energy/adrenaline to pursue it?

Like many people, I have often felt like I have been floundering and unable to find something that makes me burn with any passion for my life. Should I just sit back and let the passion simply arrive in my life? Do I just do what interests me until something “clicks”?

Thank you again for your guidance and love,

Dear Michael,

You are always led to the discovery of your passions by a spark of interest. Often, you extinguish the spark before the interest can ignite your passion. Your passions are right there in front of you, but you quit before they have a chance to develop. You are not aware of the incredible bliss that is inherent in the pursuit of a passion and therefore you do not value the importance of passion enough to get started.

As soon as something piques your interest, you entertain thoughts of fear. The fear forces you to abandon the interest. Since the interest is mild, the fear is easily able to interrupt it. You fear that following the interest would be seen by others as fool hardy so you never give it a chance. If you only knew the joy that was awaiting you, you would not allow your irrational fears to get in your way.

If you were born into a natural world, free from the influences of your family, peers or society, you would naturally and easily follow one interest after another until you were led to a passion. You would pursue that passion as long as it gave you joy and you would expand as a result of the experience of the passion. Once the experience had run its course, you would be led by new interests to another passion. You might have several passions occurring simultaneously and you would live fully in the moment while involved in one passion and then another. The future and the past would lose their importance. The enjoyment of the passion would blur the lines of time and space. You would be operating here on Earth in a manner similar to how you operate in the nonphysical.

You have earthly duties and expectations that we quite understand. You have built this life that you now enjoy along with all its trappings. Yet without passion you are denying yourself one of the most important reasons you came here. You wanted to explore certain aspects of physical reality, but your fear is preventing you from discovering that which you intended. The fear is irrational because you have nothing to lose and you cannot lose while pursuing a true passion.

In order for you to discover your true passion, you must be honest about what it is you truly want. Why do you think you were born into the family you chose? What is the trajectory that led you to this life you now live? What were you interested in as a child? What are the basic aspects of life that you enjoy? What do you think you are most interested in in this moment in time? Stop and let your mind wander. What is it that you are not doing? Why not?

Start with the first thing that catches your interest and then notice as fear comes up. Set aside the fear and delve deeper into the interest. Don’t think about the outcome because your first interest is only a stepping stone to other interests which will eventually lead to your passion. Don’t discount the first interest because you think it makes no sense. Simply follow it and trust that you will be led, if you allow, to other interests. Listen for that guidance. Imagine you are being guided by your inner self who knows exactly where you want to go.

Start right now. Write down the first thing that comes to mind and research it further. Get on your computer and type it into a search. Read about it. Look for videos. Look for podcasts. You were somehow led to us and it is the same process for everything you desire. Just don’t let fear or judgment get in your way.

You are loved more than you could imagine and there is a world of interesting things out there that you have intended to explore. Start exploring.