Dear Joshua,

There are aspects of the Law of Attraction that I find to be confusing, especially after a horrific incident like the terrorist attacks this week in Paris. Innocent people were killed, and I don’t understand how these innocent people manifested such mindless violence against them. And I have read you say that Wars on Terrorism do not stop it, but how can people in a place like France (or Israel, or the U.S.), simply do nothing? Are you saying that tuning into a “safe”, positive vibration is all that’s necessary to remain safe? If that’s the case, then how did these French victims, who probably hadn’t given their safety a second thought, get hurt and killed? Thank you in advance for addressing this most disturbing situation.


Dear Michael,

There are several things we would like to address regarding the terrorist attacks in Paris. Humans are moving from fear to love. You are progressing toward a new approach to life. You are transitioning from intolerance to acceptance. Events like these spur that movement toward what is wanted and away from what is not wanted. This event, like all other similar events, was orchestrated for the purpose of mass growth. When you witness events such as these you begin to think more deeply about your own personal beliefs.

You believe there is right and wrong. Others believe this too. If they are right, then you are wrong. They want you to conform to their beliefs and you want them to conform to yours. If you see them as wrong, and you believe yourself to be more powerful, then your response is to annihilate them out of existence. As you attempt to do this, an act which is opposed to the laws of the universe, you make your enemy stronger and more numerous. You do not like the conditions and you work to remove the conditions so that you can feel better. When you give your attention to things you do not like, and much attention is given to terrorism, you make it bigger and more intense. The peace you wish for can only come when you release your fear and accept that their actions are right. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. This means that the terrorist cannot be wrong either.

From your perspective, which is limited, you cannot see the true implications of these terrorist acts. You see only death and mayhem, but you cannot see all the good that will come from this. There will still be those who react out of fear, yet there will be many more who wish for peace, who are thinking thoughts of love, and who are supportive of the people of France. Events like these cause the mass consciousness to shift away from fear and toward love. When you finally realize that the attention you bring to any subject can be from only one of two stances; love or fear, tolerance or acceptance, great change will come. When you release your fear, when you stop fighting against, when you embrace your enemy with love, you alter your personal reality and the reality of the planet changes dramatically.

Let’s imagine that you preferred a peaceful world, which is not the case right now. Your government is not a peaceful government and whether you understand this or not, your government is the perfect representation of the mass consciousness of your country. There are many countries who embrace peace and the mass consciousness of those countries create this effect within their borders. There are countries who experience little to no terrorism whatsoever.

You are a powerful nation and it is your belief that you have the physical power to coerce others to obey your commands. You may not see it this way, but you use your might to attempt to alter conditions you do mot like. If you were mightier, there would be many more things you would change. If you were less powerful, you would accept the actions of others as beyond your control and therefore, due to this stance of acceptance, you would experience greater levels of peace.

Some societies choose to be neutral and peaceful and those societies live in peace. Some are powerless to do anything and they too live mostly in peace. Your society has decided that certain things are wrong and since you have the ability to use your muscle, you fight against that which you believe is wrong. As you fight against it, as you give your attention to the wrongness of it, you fuel it and it grows bigger. You cannot fight against something and expect it to go away. It defies the laws of the universe and as you can easily see, it simply does not work.

Now, you are not being asked to do nothing. If you want a peaceful world, then you must turn your attention toward peace. You must not look at an entire group of people and despise them because of a few who are working on the fringes. You must send love to all, and if one decides to act in a way that goes against what you believe is right, you must refocus your attention to emitting and projecting love. Soon, you will see the positive affects of placing your attention on what you want.

The only way to create peace is with love, compassion and acceptance. The only way to create conflict is through fear and intolerance. Release your fear through acceptance and you will radically alter your personal reality and the reality of the world.

The terrorists played their part in the evolution of consciousness. The victims played their part as well. You must accept that death is not a bad thing. Death is simply a transition from this physical playground to your nonphysical home. Earth is not your home. physical reality is not your environment. You are nonphysical beings experiencing a physical illusion for the fun and expansion it brings. You always choose when you die. Death is easy and effortless and if you choose not to die, then you remain in physical reality. Everyone chooses when they die.

When you do make your transition, you do not lose those you love, your attention will be fixed on them from your nonphysical position. You must learn to perceive death in a way that serves you. As you continue to believe that death equals loss, you will continue to feel bad and to dip into lower emotional states of being. You will continue to live in fear. From this stance of fear, you believe that the low vibrational action of retribution will make you feel better. But this does not work and the enemies you fear will continue to keep you in low emotional states of being. This creates a momentum which is difficult to stop.

You have only one choice. You must believe that death is not the end, that there is no such thing as death, and that you cannot experience loss unless you choose to perceive it as such. You cannot fight against that which you fear because your fear brings energy to it and amplifies it. Your only choice is love and acceptance. This is the only approach that aligns with the laws of the universe. You cannot work in opposition to these laws.

Imagine if you ceased your fight altogether. You pulled your military out of the terrorists’ homeland. You dropped all defenses. You faced more attacks, yet instead of retaliation, you chose peace. Imagine if you replaced the cost and effort of your military machine with gifts of support to those who you once feared as your enemy. If you stopped fighting and started supporting, your enemy could not continue his fight. It would not be possible.

Your enemy does not accept your approach to life and wants to change you. But if you were a society of peace, he would have nothing to argue against. You cannot fight an opponent who will not engage you. You cannot fight one who consistently showers you with love. This too goes against all laws of the universe.

Your society will soon see that waging war to annihilate this kind of enemy will not work. You will soon come to the conclusion that you must give up your resistance and accept that your only option is love. You will soon realize that you are responsible for the enemy you fight. If you are slapped in the face by a stranger, you can bet that it is not a random occurrence. You must accept complete responsibility for the reality you are experiencing. You create your own reality.

The only solution is love. The only road to peace is through acceptance. You cannot change your enemy by force or coercion. You cannot change your conditions; you can only change yourself. You cannot control the actions of your government, you can only control what you think and believe. You can personally place your attention on what is wanted or you can personally focus on what you believe is wrong. You will get whatever you give your attention to. Even if the whole world is at war, you can live in peace if that’s what you are personally focused on.

This will all work out. You are moving rapidly toward love. You are transitioning to a radical new approach to life and you are doing very well. Focus on all the love that comes as a result of this event and you will be part of the shift toward a new reality of peace, acceptance and love.

You are loved more than you can imagine.