Dear Joshua,

When I listened to the whole Joshua Live call, I really had to sit and try and grasp it all… The idea of letting go of control sounds amazing. And the idea of everything that comes my way is right and good sounds amazing too.. yet still I question it.

Recently, my boss came to me saying he thought I would be a perfect fit for a teaching abroad program he is closely affiliated with. He jokingly said he hates to even tell me, because he feels I am one of his strongest teachers and wouldn’t want to lose me at his school, but he thinks I and my daughter would love the experience and that it ‘fits’ us. After looking over the info he sent me, I felt it sounded amazing, but then I thought I should stay focused on my dreams of leaving classroom teaching to be a full time spiritual teacher – which I’m sure is one of my specific intentions for this lifetime.

So I was set on not doing this, as I felt it would just distract me from my path, and it also felt like me choosing this teaching abroad position was in someway showing I don’t fully believe in my plan A.

But now after yesterday’s call, I’m thinking if the opportunity came to me and I initially felt excited about it, then it’s something I should definitely do and shouldn’t fear it will take me off my path of making a living being a Spiritual Coach/Teacher. Can you please offer me some clarity I’m on this?

Much love,

Dear Melissa,

When something comes to you and you feel some excitement, you know that it is for you. It is an inspired idea. Now, you have made plans. These are things you think you want. You think you know how everything will unfold. If the conditions appear (from your limited perspective), like they are moving in the direction that looks right, you feel good. You use this as an excuse to feel good. But you do not know what will happen. If it looks like the conditions are changing and you are not going in the direction you think you should be going, you feel fear. You use the conditions as your excuse to feel bad. However, you do not know what is going to happen.

If you feel good, you go with the flow. But if you feel fear, you resist the natural flow. That flow will bring you everything you truly want if you let it. If you resist it, you will exist in contrast and fear and your true intentions will stall. However, there is no wrong in any of it.

You are not here to make things happen. Give that up. You are here to learn to allow things to come to you, to receive inspiration, and to push past the fears and act when inspired. If you can do that, your life will unfold magically. Your daughter also has set some very powerful intentions and as a family you are creating together. And you must remember, there are other things you want besides becoming a spiritual teacher and leader and these desires are also being manifested. The desire to have a mate, for instance, is in the process of becoming manifested into your reality.

You cannot comprehend the power of the universe to bring you all that you need. You cannot see how everything will come together. If we told you how it would all work out, you would never believe us because your vibration is not yet a match to that version of your life. Your inner self sees your life from a very high perspective and knows how it will all unfold. Your inner self is always guiding you. If you can learn to accept that everything is happening for you at the perfect time, you can have a bit of faith and just let it flow. That’s what you can to do. You came to be in the flow.

We are not saying you should or should not take this opportunity. All we are saying is that you are feeling fear. Is the fear rational or irrational? Did you feel excitement or not? Are you looking too far down the road, or are you looking at the only step that is right in front of you? It is no coincidence that this invitation arrived as you are in the middle of the Joshua Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp. We would like to remind you that while you are in the program, you are engaging in a dedicated spiritual practice and so your vibration is rising very quickly. Who you will be in another six weeks is very different from who you were when you began and who you are now. We suggest playing with the idea, but making no firm decisions until you graduate the bootcamp. By that time, your vibration will be much higher and you will know exactly what to do.

With love,
We are Joshua