Dear Joshua,

Who was Jesus, from your perspective? I have always had a longing, an interest, in the nature of God, Jesus, and Christianity. If Jesus really existed, did the Christian religion leave out part of who Jesus was? Was he a LOA practitioner? I feel as I study spirituality and the LOA, I don\’t want to leave Jesus out. So basically, I am wondering where he fits into all of what you discuss here and in your book.

Thanks Joshua!

Dear Matt,

You, and all humans, are moving closer to who you really are. As you are living this incarnation at this time on Earth, you are becoming more and more of who you really are. You are being guided to that highest version of you. What you truly want is to live life on Earth as the highest version of who you really are. This is the version of you that exists in the nonphysical. When you make your transition to the nonphysical realm, you will return to being who you really are.

Jesus was one who was able to live life on Earth in a way that was very close to who he really was. He was a teacher and he found his passion in life. He understood the nature of universal forces and the mechanism of physical reality. He saw through the illusion of much of reality. He loved unconditionally which means he saw everyone as perfect and accepted everything as it was, unconditionally. He was able to allow his vibration to be modified easily and thus manifestations occurred almost instantaneously. He taught others that there was an approach to life that was more effective. He understood that the purpose of life is to expand through experience.

You know only bits and pieces of his life, his teachings and his story. You were taught that he was the son of God, but you may not have been taught that you too are the son of God. All men and women are the sons and daughters of God. Jesus meant that you and he are guided and supported by a larger part of us that remains nonphysically focused and we call that part of you, your inner self. We do not use the word God, for that word has many different meanings. We use the term All That Is and you are a part of All That Is just as Jesus was.

Jesus came to influence others to a new perspective. People of the time were taught in the language of the time. They lived quite differently then compared to how you live today. They followed Jesus because he was teaching something new and from their perspective the teachings seemed like salvation. However, since Jesus loved unconditionally, there was no judgment. He taught that all go to Heaven, that all are loved, and that all have the same abilities he had. He died for the sins of the people not because there are such things as sins, but because the people of the time believed in right and wrong and believed that unless they were forgiven of their sins, they would not be granted entrance into the kingdom of Heaven. However, Heaven (nonphysical) is your home and all return home regardless of anything that may have occurred while on Earth.

In Heaven (nonphysical) there is only love and complete acceptance and there is no judgment. All is right and all who lived on Earth return to Nonphysical. There is no method of life, there are no rules, there are no procedures for entering Heaven. Jesus was teaching a new approach to life, not so that man could enter Heaven when he died, but so that man could create a life preferred while living on Earth. The teachings had nothing to do with an afterlife, only a way of life that created what was wanted which is joy, abundance and freedom.

Jesus was a teacher of his time. There have been many such teachers. Some are able to live life as who they really are. Others are able to convey ideas. However, they are always teachers of their time. Their teachings have some validity today, yet you as a society has evolved and there evolved teachings that speak to the conditions of today. There are many teachers, such as us, who teach an approach to life that will serve you today. In the future, new teachers will come and the teachings will evolve to suit the conditions present at that time.

What you understand of Jesus is rather limited. There is no film and there are no accurate recordings of his teachings. Much of the teachings have been distorted over time and you can see that fear has been added into the words. Jesus lived life free of irrational fear. He taught love and acceptance. He was perfect just as you are perfect. He was the perfect representation of his highest self while living inside a physical body just as you are living the most evolved version of you that has ever lived. He was moving to higher and higher levels of awareness and consciousness just as you are. He allowed himself to be guided by his inner self completely, while you are sometimes unaware of the guidance that comes from within. Listen for that guidance and you will begin to feel better and better. As you strive to feel good in every moment, you will increase the connection with your inner self and your life will take a new direction toward that which your truly want.

You are loved more than you can imagine and you are loved unconditionally just the way you are right now.