Dear Joshua,

I thank you very very much for answering my last question. It meant a lot to me to realize that I am cared for. I was really happy and I felt comforted. Thank you! I now have another question.

Actually after feeling that comfort, I feel more stressed than ever, in spite of your advice, or meditation, or my readings. I’m reading Abraham’s teachings while waiting for you teachings I ordered a few days ago. When I read, I feel that I don’t need to be worried anymore. Anyway, when I close the book, stress comes stronger than ever. It’s like having my chest crushed, and I can’t breathe. I try to keep calm, but it’s worse. Is there something I don’t understand in your answer, or in my readings? What can I do to feel more ease?

Thank you again very much for your support.

Love. Marine

Dear Marine,

You are still at the very beginning of your education regarding universal forces, Law of Attraction, and the mechanism of physical reality. Don’t worry that you don’t know everything yet or that things are not changing yet. There is still much to absorb into your consciousness and your belief system. Also remember that there is nothing inherently wrong with being stressed out. It is valid emotion and it has its purpose. You create desire from contrast and isn’t that a wonderful thing? Without contrast you could not define what you prefer. You know for certain that you prefer ease to stress and you are inspired to get there. You have asked and the feeling of ease is on it’s way. Now, what do you have to do to help your desire come to you? You must become a vibrational match to it.

If the thing you desire matched your vibration, it would exist in your life now. Since it does not exist, you must change in order to become a match. You have asked for the thing (ease) and so that thing is coming to you. All you have to do is allow it to come. Your current vibration, which is a conglomeration of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, matches stress, not ease. The things to change are your beliefs and approach to life. Once you change those, your reality will shift. It has to, it is law and there is no other possible outcome.

It will take a little time, a little reading, and a little work to alter your approach to life. When you make these small changes, your reality will shift. You will no longer feel mostly worried or stressed, you will mostly feel ease and acceptance. Is this truly what you desire, or are you just a little overwhelmed? Do you like a little drama? Do you find that you’re easily bored? Do you like the excitement of modern life or would you prefer to be on a beach in the Caribbean sipping Pina Coladas? You current vibration suggests you get a kick out of the drama. If you want to enjoy a life of ease and acceptance, you might find the new life rather boring.

This is why we ask you to really think about what you want. Is it a true desire or is it a reaction to something unwanted? It is difficult to escape conditions you do not like. It is better to look toward something wanted. You can’t remove the stress by wishing it away because you receive more of what you place your attention on and in this case you are focused on the stress and worry. So think about the life you want and together we will find a path that leads to that.

It is important for you to know that there is nothing to worry about or to fear. When you feel stressed, you are actually feeling your inner self communicate with you. Your inner self is letting you know that you are looking at your life from a perspective that is in stark contrast to what is really going on. Everything that is happening is happening for you not to you. It’s all working out. You just cannot see that from your limited perspective and so you resist it all. When you receive our books, you will learn how this reality works. This information will lay the groundwork for a higher perspective on your life. You will come to see what’s really happening. Your new perspective will give you peace.

So we ask that you go easy on yourself for the next little while and trust that you are moving toward what you want. You have found us and that is evidence of your powers of creation. You have somehow managed to raise your vibration high enough to attract us into your reality. You are one of the very first and the very few to reach our vibration. This is very important to understand. You are on the leading edge of creation and you are meant to be here. When you read our books, much of the information will resonate with you. You will receive insight and new ideas will occur to you. Your vibration will rise even further. You will look back on this time and see what was really going on. It’s all a matter of perspective.