Dear Joshua,

Thank you for letting me ask a question to you. I feel like I have so many amazing things to live, and that I’m so much more than I show to myself or to others. But I don’t know what it is. I tried many activities hoping that I would recognize which way to go. But actually I feel frustrated not to know what to do, and I’m stuck in a work and in family relationships that stress me very much. I can’t focus on what I want deep inside, because I don’t know what it is. Please, could you guide me to find out, and reach the happiness that is so close? Thank you very much for your kind support.


Dear Marine,

You are not alone in your frustration. Many feel just as you do. It is a common situation, but keep hope alive for there is a way to discover what you are here to do. We will talk you through it.

You must start from where you are now and realize that what you have lived up until this point has brought you to a specific place that is the perfect place to start. What you have experienced has brought your vibration to a very high level and you are ready for your life to unfold. The mere fact that you have found us is evidence of your high vibration. So let us start.

You must begin to see your life now as perfect. Everything in your life was attracted to you by your vibration. You feel stuck, but if you look at all that you have, at the abundance that exists now, and you appreciate it all and congratulate yourself for bringing into your reality, then you can confirm that you do indeed have very strong powers of creation. So now we want you to relax and feel ease. See everything as right and good.

There are things in your life that you believe are good and there are conditions such as your job and your family that could be improved. Thatʼs fine. You are the creator of your reality and you have the power to improve both of these conditions. The key is not to see them as problems. You must see these conditions as opportunities to use your power of creation. You are a powerful creator and when you focus your powers, amazing things will happen. Once you have come to peace with your present conditions, you will find the thing you are here to explore. But first, you must alter the way you perceive the conditions you do not like.

If you are to come into the state of allowing, you must first start accepting the present conditions as they are in the moment. When you are at work and you feel stress, this is a sign that you are not at ease. You feel negative emotion which means that you are looking at the condition from a perspective that does not serve you. Change your perspective and focus on the positive aspects. If you feel negative emotion, understand that you are holding onto a limiting belief which makes it feel like the condition is wrong. Since there is no wrong in the universe, your belief must be limiting. It is based in some fear and you can find the fear and prove to yourself that it is false.

As you strive to appreciate your work and your family and you learn to create what you desire from within these conditions, your main goal will be to choose a perspective which makes you feel better. The key to discovering what you want is to maintain an easy feeling of security, confidence and to feel good as much as possible. When you feel stressed, you will have difficulty receiving guidance in the form of inspiration. From and easy place where everything is good and you feel good, you will receive inspiration to act. You will pick up a magazine and read an article. You will be inspired to talk to a stranger who will say something meaningful. You will be inspired to read a book or watch a film. You will be inspired to follow an interest that will lead to other interests and soon you will discover your passion in life.

What we are saying here is that you must get straight with the life you now have. You must appreciate where you are now. You must see the present conditions as good. You must move into the state of allowing by becoming happy with the present conditions. When you enter this state of ease, you will see your world shift. As you fight against what you perceive to be wrong or lacking, you maintain a vibration that matches it and your life will not change in the way you want. It is only when you view your world as good can you possibly raise your vibration so that something more may enter. Your vibration creates your reality. Raise your vibration through honest appreciation and gratitude for everything that exists and you will see the shift in your reality.

You chose your family and the time and place of your birth. You knew that the conditions of your childhood would launch you towards that which you intended to explore. Think of your parents. Think of what you were interested in as a child. Think about the events of your childhood. Find something you were interested in as a child and see where that leads you. It is all there. When you come to peace with everything, you will start to see the signs that were always right in front of you.

You are loved more than you could imagine. Start seeing the good and the right in everything and everything will shift for you.