Dear Joshua,

I believe I have allowed an expansion in my perception of myself and I’d like some feedback. I had an impression today in meditation that I have created an amazing life for myself. I felt it to be true and also, that felt that I can step into greater alignment with the energetic vibration of my feeling of having created a magnificent life. Then, I had another thought, “why wouldn’t I have created a life of love and joy for myself?” I love and appreciate myself. It all felt very natural, like a revelation of who I am as my true self. (Hard to describe in words.)

So now, I understand why we have contrast and I accept and allow that the contrast is for my ultimate benefit. In addition I have this wonderful feeling that the life I have created (or co-created) for myself is filled with love, beauty, peace, gratitude, abundance and joy – and, I’m really good with that.

I guess my question is … I feel good, like I’m on the right track here. Do I just let it grow?

Thanks again,
With Big Love,

Dear Marilyn,

Your life is simply a reflection of how you feel about yourself. How you feel about yourself is primarily dictated by the beliefs you have adopted along the way. Those beliefs influence how you perceive your reality and what you allow yourself to expect. When you see yourself from a higher perspective, you have shifted your beliefs in an empowering way and so your life reflects your new set of beliefs and expectations.

You didn’t actually do anything to create the life you have now. That life unfolded based on who you perceived yourself to be and what you expected for yourself. You might have been inspired to take action, pursue interests, and investigate things deeper, and this led to the unfolding of your life. On the other hand, you often neglected inspiring ideas that you felt were beyond who you thought yourself to be. For instance, if you had an inspiring idea and you imagined the ultimate outcome of that idea, it might have led you to a conclusion that did not match how you felt about yourself in the moment or what you deem you were comfortable with. You discounted much of your inspiring ideas because you felt some fear. That fear was triggered by limiting beliefs.

Yes, you have a wonderful life and it is perfect as it is, because it perfectly matches the vibration you are offering now. If you would like to enjoy the delicious unfolding of an even bigger and more satisfying life, all you must do is consciously create a set of beliefs that will allow you to take action when inspired. However, if you do not raise your perspective on yourself and what you are capable of experiencing, you will continue to be limited by fear. There is no right or wrong way to go about this, because it is all an expansive process. If you want to experience more thrilling and satisfying aspects of life and see yourself from new angles, then you must push past fear.

When the inspiration to act comes to you, it means that you are vibrationally ready for it. Otherwise, it could not come. It is meant for your highest good. You are so close to receiving what you want. Fear will always come up. In the past, you often succumbed to the fear. Now you have a tool to deal with the fear.

You understand more fully now that you carry with you a set of beliefs. Some are limiting and others are empowering. Some are based in fear and are false and others are based in love and they are true. You can adjust these beliefs. You can raise the intensity of beneficial beliefs by writing down lists of gratitude and appreciation. You can process your limiting beliefs by proving they are false. There is no such thing as contrast in the way you are describing it. All contrast allows for the discovery of limiting beliefs. This is very important and valuable.

In negative emotion, you feel fear and so you have been alerted to the existence of a limiting belief. At this point you have two choices; call the event wrong or discover and process the limiting belief. If you call the event wrong, you miss the message in the event and you continue the exploration of who you are not. However, if you become aware of the limiting belief and prove to yourself that it is false, you have just reduced the intensity of that belief. The next time you receive an inspired idea, the limiting belief will produce less intense fear and you will be more able to push past the fear. If you live life by this approach, your life will continue to unfold easily and this is how you create the life you truly desire. And you will be exploring who you truly are. This is what you intended prior to your birth.

With our love,
We are Joshua