Hi Joshua,

I am really interested in this idea of expanding through joy that we are focusing on this week in bootcamp. I want to understand why perceiving the benefit of manifestation events expands me in joy.

I have always felt that I can “learn” through joy rather than fear, though I have not found a good explanation of what that is up til now. In reading the lesson this week, the concept presented by Joshua around manifestation events feels like they are saying everything that happens for me happens for joy. Is this correct?

By extension of thought, I am understanding that in reaching for joy through a higher perspective there is always joy/love on the other side of the limiting belief wave. This sheds an entirely new light on the meaning and manifestation of the energy and consciousness of joy.

Thank you.

Dear Marilyn,

Joy is your natural state of being. In alignment, as you are perceiving that your reality is good, you are existing in joy. It is only when you perceive that things are wrong that you can experience anything other than joy. It is the perception that things should be different than they are that causes you to perceive an inaccurate reality. Your inner self sends you a notice through the use of negative emotion. This is your inner self’s way of saying that right now, your perspective is limited. You are not perceiving the true reality. This is due to the existence of a limiting belief. Without the limiting belief, you could not see it as wrong. Therefore, the event is useful, because it highlights a limiting belief. Now you have some work to do.

Your experience of life would be completely joyful if you were able to maintain your alignment. That is really not possible, since you will always be uncovering limiting beliefs. When you get better at processing those limiting beliefs, you will spend more time in joy. In fact, when you get really good at it, you will automatically find the limiting belief, prove it’s false in the moment and return to joy. When you see that manifestation events bring you to the awareness of limiting beliefs, you can rejoice. You’ve uncovered another one. Bravo! You have expanded and you are ready for more. This is what you truly want. Therefore, expansion via negative emotion and manifestation events can be done in joy.

If you never encountered a manifestation event (or even a negative thought), it would mean that you are without any desires. Since you set your intentions prior to your birth, you have some very strong desires leading you forward. You have also sifted and sorted through your life and have birthed many new desires and they are calling you forward as well. When you relax and understand that your limiting beliefs must be consciously uncovered in order for you to manifest those desires, you can embrace each and every manifestation event. That’s because they are leading you toward the manifestation of each and every one of your desires. How wonderful is that! You can look at these events as beneficial from a higher perspective. You needn’t avoid negative emotion, because this is guidance. You could actually look forward to negative emotion and realize that this is the expansion you have asked for.

Most people are resistant to the uncovering of limiting beliefs. Their resistance causes unnecessary suffering. It need not be like this. The system is perfect when you ease your resistance. It’s simply the resistance to these events that cause negative emotion to linger. While that is how you feel now, due to the momentum of resistance you and everyone else has built up, you can ease that resistance and feel more joy.

This is a feeling reality. Move towards whatever feels better. Joy feels better than suffering. Suffering is caused by resistance. Joy is enhanced through ease and faith. Things are always working out for you. Manifestation events can be highly beneficial if you accept the information they contain. The practice of processing limiting beliefs in joy will allow you to gain the benefit inherent in these events. That’s a new approach. It requires a new attitude. It requires that you do not take the event personally nor do you add more fear to them.

Going with the flow of life is the nonresistant approach to life. Understanding the benefit in guidance (your emotions) allows you to move swiftly to the manifestation of all your desires. This is an environment that allows for the exploration of who you truly are. This is the purpose of physical reality. However, you can never not be exploring that subject. You can conduct your exploration in joy or suffering. The choice is always yours.

With our love,
We are Joshua