Dear Joshua,

I feel stuck. When will things start moving again?


Dear Matt,

The feeling of being stuck is an illusion. You can never be stuck. You are never stuck. You are used to the feeling of moving fast and when it appears that things are not moving, you are left with the illusion of feeling stuck. In reality you are always changing and always evolving. You are always changing at the same rate, however, sometimes your perception of what is happening causes you to believe that progress is being made and sometimes it feels like nothing is happening.

Here’s how life works. Prior to your birth, from your nonphysical vantage point, you set forth certain intentions for what you wanted to do and explore in this lifetime. You chose a trajectory. Your family dynamics and the time and date of your birth launched you on that trajectory. Once you were here, you developed preferences and you were guided toward that which you intended to explore. Sometimes you followed that guidance and sometimes you resisted it. You are either in a state of allowing the guidance and following your path, or you are in a state of resistance. Either way it is okay, but it’s the resistance that causes you to feel like you are stuck.

If you had found your passion and were free of any fear or resistance around whatever that passion was, you would feel like you were moving very rapidly. Maybe you have found a passion and you followed it without resistance for a while and things felt like they were moving very quickly. You built up momentum and without resistance everything flowed quickly and easily. Then you might have reached a point where the movement forward seemed to grind to a halt and you started to question your passion. You were free of resistance in the beginning, but then something happened that you were not prepared for and you might have changed the way you viewed your passion.

This is perfectly alright. It is a clarifying moment. You have found a new preference and you are altering your course. The Law of Attraction is responding to your new vibration and will begin to bring ideas and direction. At this time you must be very patient and not attempt any action just to get things going again. Wait for inspiration to strike. Only do that which is interesting, fun and pleasing. Don’t do anything just because you think it will get things moving again. This is the most important thing we have to say to you. Relax about the time. Follow interests as they come up. Look for the fun in life. Soon you will stumble upon something that leads to something or someone new. You will feel a spark and you will head off in a slightly new direction.

There is no rush to get things started again. You feel stuck, but that does not have to be a bad thing. Pay attention to what interests you. Do things right now that are enjoyable or exciting. Do not fear loss because that is an illusion. Do not fear change because you are always changing anyway. Release doubt and worry and have faith that the universe is bringing you everything you really want. Ease you resistance to what is happening around you and you’ll begin to take your foot off the brake. It is always you who controls the speed of life and sometimes it’s good to slow down and take a look around. There’s a lot of nice things to look at right now if you will just lift your head and open your eyes.

You are loved more than you can imagine and things are working out perfectly.