Hello Joshua,

I have a great life. I really do! But I have an intrusive thought, like a mantra I keep repeating, which is “I want to die.” I don’t want to die! But the thought keeps coming to mind. Especially when I’m judging myself, thinking I said something stupid, when I really haven’t. The most benign things make me think I want to die. How do I stop the mantra from repeating itself?


Dear Liesel,

This is a wonderful question and it could not have arrived at a better time. We will start by saying that the thoughts you think do not necessarily belong to you. Much of the time, they are an indication of the vibration you are emitting. Think of your vibration as the tuner on the radio. You are dialed to a certain station and what you receive is based in the channel you are listening to or tuned into. If you do not like the music that’s playing on one channel, simply change the channel by adjusting your vibration. You do that by reaching for better feeling thoughts.

Let’s imagine that when you are feeling good, you are tuned into the FM bandwidth and when you are feeling bad, you tune into the AM bandwidth. The FM Bandwidth in this case is aligned with love and all the feelings and emotions associated with love. The AM Bandwidth is associated with fear (it’s mostly talk radio and the news). The FM stations are aligned with all the good feelings in the universe and the AM stations all bring in more fear and ask you to change the conditions. The one condition you can always change is your existence in physical reality. You can end it and this will change the conditions. However, nothing you truly want is ever gained by changing conditions.

It will only come by changing the channel. In other words, you must realize you are tuned to a frequency that does not match who you truly are. You must now choose to tap into that stream of consciousness that is based in Source energy and love.

All thoughts that have been ever thought still exist. Much of that thought is based in human fear as you might imagine. Think of all the human lives that have ever existed before. What were they mostly thinking? It was centered around lack, loss, death, and limitation. You tap into this stream of consciousness whenever you emit the vibration of fear. Fear attracts more fear and love attracts more love. How do you tune into the frequency of love? You start by accepting that everything as it is now is right. There is no wrong. When you see that there is nothing truly to fear, you elevate your vibration and you change your reception. You become more receptive to love.

When you feel fear, you tune into fear based streams of consciousness. When you feel like everything is good and right with your life, you naturally tune into the channels based in love. You receive inspired thoughts and ideas. You receive a flow of energy. You begin to manifest everything you truly want. If you are tuned to the frequency of fear, it’s because you think something wrong is happening. This channel provides you with more thoughts of fear and control. You seek to change the conditions in order to feel better, but acting on these urges does nothing to raise your vibration. You simply become more tuned to the negative thoughts found on the channels based in fear.

Change the channel by reaching for better feeling thoughts. Look at the situation from a higher perspective and you will feel a bit of relief. This will raise your vibration and grant you access to more inspiring streams of thought. This is how you create your reality. This is your natural ability. If you did not know that this ability existed, you would simply assume your thoughts are manufactured in your mind. You might accept the thoughts are true. You might perceive that these thoughts are evidence that something is wrong with you. The thoughts really mean nothing. They are simply the indication of the channel you are currently tuned to. You have the ability with practice and meditation to learn to consciously and intentionally choose your channel.

With our love,
We are Joshua