Dear Joshua,

People have different meanings for the words soul and spirit. I use Soul to mean that inner me part and spirit to mean the more expansive bigger aspect that I am at all times. So the Soul is only a part of the spirit, in which I believe there are many parts. Could you explain this further for us?

Thank you in love and joy

Dear Kirsten,

You are right. The words Soul and Spirit are used to mean many different things and so the words have little meaning. We use the words Inner Self and All That Is to express these concepts. Your inner self is you and your inner self (and you and everything else in existence and everything that has ever existed or ever will exist) is part of All That Is. But we do not see the benefit of separating the two. It would be like separating the wind from the air or the current from the ocean.

We also use the term The Oneness to describe the consciousness that exits within All That Is. It is the oneness who created All That Is from a desire to perceive itself. Yet The Oneness is not a person. You are a person, yet you are also The Oneness. How can this be? If you choose to see yourself as an individual among billions of individuals living on your planet, you create this flawed belief that you are not The Oneness. You may think you’re part of All That Is, yet you could not fathom that you are actually All That Is. You are a representation of All That Is living in physical reality. It is simply that you perceive yourself to be separate form Source, Spirit, All That Is. However, this could not be further from the truth.

If you look at life from your perspective, you feel individual and detached. You may at times even feel lonely. This is just an illusion to provide for a unique experience of life. In reality, you are an eternally conscious being that exists within All That Is at all times. You cannot be separated. The illusion may seem strong that you are an individual, but you can render the illusion meaningless when you choose to know that you are part of The Oneness.

How you feel in your body right now is most important. You might feel alone, yet you might also feel like you are the most important aspect of your reality. You should feel like the center of your universe for that exactly what you are. As The Oneness feels like the center of its universe, so should you because you are a representation of that feeling. Therefore, in your life now, you have access to the same universal forces and powers that The Oneness has access to. You are living your physical existence just as The Oneness is living its nonphysical existence. The Oneness expands with each experience of life and you expand in your experience of life. It is the same concept.

So then, what does this all mean for you? What is the purpose of understanding that you have an inner self, that you are part of All That Is and that you are living a physical expression of The Oneness? How does this knowledge improve your experience in this particular lifetime?

If you think that you are one of many living an individual experience of life, then you might believe that your life is no more special than everyone else’s. You might believe that there are forces controlling the depth and breadth of your experience. You might feel powerless. You might feel like a victim of fate. Yet all of this would be false. None of it is accurate.

What if you knew that you were The Oneness living a physical experience? If you were the creator of the universe, which you are, you could easily create the life you prefer. Wouldn’t that be obvious? You who creates worlds would certainly be able to do, have and be anything you wanted in this experience. You would not believe that others controlled your life, you wouldbelieve that they were all here to support whatever it was that you wanted to experience. You would not believe you were stuck in the present conditions that surround your life. You would know that you created those conditions just as you created the universe. You would realize that the present conditions have allowed you to determine what is wanted now and you would move in that direction.

As a timeless being who created the universe, you would not care about time. You would focus on the moment and create from that standpoint without concern for the future or regret of the past. The past would seem perfect to you as it brought you to the point where you now stand creating what is preferred. Without the past, you could not create anything more. So the past is valid and meaningful as the vehicle that brought you to the present and as such, it must be considered perfect.

Your inner self knows all of this and guides you through your emotions to living life just as a creator of worlds would live life. When you feel fear, it doesn’t feel good and this is your indication that you are thinking thoughts the creator of worlds would never think. When you worry about the future, it feels bad because you are thinking about the future in a way The Oneness would never consider. When you feel excitement, passion, interest, or joy, you are thinking about the subject in a way that exactly matches how The Oneness would think about that subject. When you are approaching life from this powerful position, with an attitude of absolute confidence and love, you are fully aligned with the powers of the universe. This is how you create what you want. This is what it means to love unconditionally.