Hello Joshua,

My name is Kirk and I appreciate all that you do with spreading profound wisdom on this podcast. I am still new to the teachings and know that we are to remain in a high vibrational state of being at all times. My question is we as human beings only have so much emotional energy each day how can we increase our emotional state of being. (ex. Distance runner increasing his or her endurance.) I deal with this each day constantly learning new things and by the end of the day sometimes midday. I’m just exhausted or mentally just not able to think straight, and not able to study or work on things. That I need to be working on in order to improve my current situation.

Thank you so much,

Dear Kirk,

Emotional energy comes from alignment. The lack of energy you feel comes from resistance. Without resistance, you would have more than enough energy for the day. However, you live in a world with lots of things going on in your reality. If you would like to gain more energy, then you must find a way to ease your resistance and find your alignment more and more of the time.

Imagine if you lived in a natural world, free from the distractions and fear that is omnipresent in your society. In a natural world, you would live as the authentic version of yourself. You would not simply abide by your fears. You would not just succumb to fear. You would naturally maintain your state of alignment and at the moment you
encountered negative emotion, you would stop and process it. “Why do I feel this awful feeling right now? What am I thinking about? What is the fear and negative emotion telling me? It’s telling me that I have adopted a limited perspective and that a limiting belief has been triggered. I will now identify that limiting belief, find evidence that it is false and prove to myself that it is not necessary for me to let it dwell within me any longer. I can release this limitation and return to my natural state of well-being.” Is this what you do now? Probably not.

You receive a negative thought or an event occurs in your reality and you think it’s wrong. You receive negative emotion as a sign of your resistance. Do you stop and discover the limiting belief that has been triggered, or do you carry one ignoring the negative thought and protesting that the event is wrong? In this reality, there is no wrong. You can only perceive something as wrong from a limited perspective. You must not accept that anything is wrong. This is your limited-self trying to control the conditions. It is resistant. If you ignore your negative emotion, if you do not discover and process your limiting belief, you will sink into lower and lower emotional states of being and this will drain your energy. By the end of the day, you will be emotionally exhausted. However, when you sleep, you will recover from your emotional exhaustion and as you wake, you will regain your energy. That is, until the first negative thought enters your mind. And then the process starts all over again.

You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. This is the authentic version of you. You are powerful beyond your imagination. You can be, have and do anything you want in this reality. However, as you resit what is happening you limit yourself. Without your self-imposed limitations, your limitless nature would come forth. This is what you truly want. You want to align with the love energy of the universe. In this you have true power. In resistance, you have little power. Learn to accept yourself, accept all others and accept the conditions. The more acceptance you exude, the more you live in love. Living in love is energetic. Living in fear is emotionally draining. Learn to live in love by seeking the higher perspective, bby analyzing your fears, by processing your limiting beliefs and by seeing that everything that comes to you is for you. If you can do this, you will ease the resistance and maintain your alignment. This is the true power you seek. This is what you intended prior to your birth. This is how you maintain the energy that creates worlds.

With our love,
We are Joshua