Hi Joshua!

I haven’t wrote to you since July 2016. Recently, a series of experiences have been happening to me which is starting to feel slightly overwhelming for me. I have had nonphysical entities communicate with me and give me messages. Also I have been able to see them in my minds eye, and ask them questions. The first time 3 came forth & introduced themselves. Then the few times since I have had the same ones plus new entities come forth. It appears the more I’m open and trusting of it all, the more detailed and strong my experiences become.

The last time I purposely sat down to engage in communication with them was about 4 days ago, & their descriptions and appearances made me feel that it was challenging to comprehend what was happening & I think some fear has come in and created a partial block on it, as I felt like everything was flooding in too fast. I am still open and accepting of it, but I’m thinking I might now have a fear of where this is all heading because it already seems crazy and it’s getting crazier… I was told on my first meeting that more entities will be coming forth, but they don’t want to overwhelm me.

Another aspect which has added to the intensity of it all is that one non physical being who was called Charmaene/ Abundantia said she was part of you! Part of Joshua! That she helps out with the money based wealth & prosperity aspect. I have since this time been getting stronger inspirations too such as bringing this entity topic up on the ‘Friends of Joshua’ FB group & posting a message for Astrid. I don’t know where all this is headed so I was hoping you could please give me some answers as to what is going on. I do know I attracted them into my life but why and why with such detail? I currently have a mix of excitement, curiosity and fear. If I can conceptualize what is happening I feel I can be more open to my experiences & to possibilities of it escalating much further. I am however very grateful for these experiences.

Thank you for your guidance.
With love,
Kimberley Maxfield

Dear Kimberly,

It is interesting that the most normal thing in the world seems so strange to most humans. This is physical reality. You come here to experience this reality in ways it has never been experienced before. You think you are alone, but you are never alone. You think the thoughts you hear in your head are created as if you operate a thought factory, but thoughts are attracted based on the vibration you are emitting. When you hear communication coming forth, you imagine that it is simply your own thoughts. We teach you that you all have the same ability to communicate with the nonphysical realm as Gary does, as Esther does, and as many others do. However, you do not believe us and so when it happens to you, you feel fear because you think it’s strange. It’s not strange, it’s part of the design of the system.

You were never meant to feel alone in the physical realm. You were meant to be in constant communication with your inner self and with other nonphysical entities. You are even able to communicate with the inner selves of people you know. But those who do that are called crazy and so everyone who experiences communication from the nonphysical feels fear because they might be considered insane. How funny!

There is nothing to fear. You are not insane. These entities you have attracted come with messages. Write the messages down and see if they make sense to you. If you find them helpful, then that is good and you can continue. If you enjoy the process, then it might turn into a passion. If you find it easy, then it was meant to be. However, fear that it is wrong will dip you into a low-emotional state of being and just as you said, it might limit some of the communication.

We suggest that you write or speak what you hear and when you are writing or speaking, just let it flow. It will often not make sense as you are translating the messages, but when you go over the message later, then you can decide if the information has value or merit. This is for you. It is up to you to do with it whatever you will. This is no mistake. You are worthy of the information and you are worthy of bringing forth into physical reality. Just take it one day at a time and see where it leads. Do not think too far into the future. Do not worry what others will think. Share it with those you are inspired to share it with and leave everyone else out of it.

Often, people come to us for validation, to ask if something is right or wrong, and to suggest a course of action. You do not need us to validate whatever it is you want to do, for if we did, you would be influenced to go in that direction. Do not look to anyone outside yourself for advice or validation. That must come from within. Only do that which is interesting, exciting, or fun. If you can do that, then all you truly want will come to you. One thing we will say is to enjoy the journey for there is no destination. There is no right way or wrong way to go about anything you’re interested in. Just enjoy it in the moment and everything else will take care of itself.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count and now you are witnessing it for yourself.

With our love and appreciation for who you are,
We are Joshua