Dear Joshua,

I have felt myself expanding in so many ways since following your teachings. However, I face such a challenge in accepting myself as I am with regard to the tenseness in my body. I have become more accepting of the size and shape of my body and am feeling much more comfortable with myself in that regard.

I was watching a current favorite series on Netflix last night called Offspring which is very funny and right up my alley. However, the family is very dysfunctional …which is the reason why they are so funny, and they respond to uncomfortable situations in such an unaligned (yet funny) way that it makes me feels very uncomfortable, which results in increased body tension on my part. It’s so disturbing to me because I enjoy it, but my perception of their responses is obviously pointing out a strong limiting belief. So I figured it was a manifestation event coming at me from a strange venue. So I processed it…..

The negative emotions I felt were emotional discomfort, conflicted, and anxious. My thoughts were: Why can’t I relax and watch tv and disconnect my sensitivities knowing it’s just tv? I attempted to shut it off to change the conditions but I really like it …as I said already, so I decided to continue watching in spite of my physical discomfort.

I think my limiting belief is: I believe that I should be able to watch tv and relax instead of getting tense. My evidence to prove this limiting belief wrong is:

1. I can relax and watch tv such as documentaries and brainless stuff without experiencing this discomfort.
2. Maybe there are more limiting beliefs in here than the one I listed.
3. This is obviously a conflicting perception with my higher self therefore I am happy to have it pointed out.
4. Everything is right therefore this is right and “for me”.

I still don’t understand what other limiting beliefs there are in there. The context of the show is that the characters have many insecurities and especially the main character is rarely honest with her feelings and is always undermining herself and trying to be the “good person” and allows herself to be a doormat for the other characters and never standing up for herself.

I have watched other shows/movies with similar themes and don’t react so physically (which I know starts with thoughts). My body tension threshold is already high so if I felt a more relaxed body my response may not have been so intense.

I woke up still feeling tense which is very upsetting to me. I went to yoga this morning which did improve things a bit. I know I have to accept and allow and not judge this situation as wrong. I know everything happens for me not too me but I have difficulty changing my perspective so that I don’t react in such a tense, fearful way. As you can see I’m feeling rather unaligned and tired of feeling this way. I know I have to get myself into better feeling thoughts to get back into alignment but I’m having a lot of difficulty with this.

Thank you so much for listening and helping.
Love, Kim

Dear Kim,

You are a sensitive being. You have strong emotions. You are aware of guidance being received as messages from your inner self. This is all very good. You very much want to know when you are feeling resistance. You are an uplifter. You understand how the Law of Attraction works to bring those a reality that perfectly matches the vibrations they are offering. You wish to impart what you know to the people in your life; even when those people are fictional characters you watch on TV.

When you see others facing resistance and encountering obstacles, you want to help. You understand what is going on. You see what they are trying to manifest and how they are going about it. Most humans are seeking to control their reality rather than create it intentionally. You know that if they could understand what you know, they would be living the lives they want to live. Yet, because they are unaware of universal laws, forces and energies, they are sabotaging themselves by seeking to control their conditions. It is based in fear. If they could only accept their conditions and focus on the positive aspects, it would all be so much easier for them. You feel empathy, because you are a light worker. It is all very natural and is part of the exploration you intended to conduct in this life as Kim.

How do you effectively engage the light that is within others? How do you do your part as a Light Worker? Do you too wish for things to be different? Or do you accept their conditions as part of your reality? We think that the effective work as a light worker is to become an example of alignment yourself and then allow others to be influenced by that example if and when they are ready. There is nothing for you to change, because everything is working out perfectly.

You are a being of love. You understand the fear that others perceive. This is not wrong, it is your superpower. You have the ability to see it all from the higher perspective. Is anything wrong actually happening? Certainly, not in the case of your fictional friends for in their drama, other viewers can see the folly in their approach to life. What a wonderful example of the old approach to life!

Is anything wrong happening in the lives of your “real” friends and family? Certainly not. They are all sifting, sorting and expanding through their experiences. This is what they came to experience. This is what you came to experience. You intended to learn more about the laws of the universe and so you have. Some are ready to know more and they will seek and find you and others who will share what they have learned.

Some are not ready, for they have not completed what they came to experience. Your limiting belief is that others should know what you know in order to create more love in their lives. This limits you from being the example of alignment that you intended to be. You are the center of your universe and so is everyone else. You are responsible for your universe, your life and your feelings. Others are solely responsible for their lives. If and when they are ready, they will discover more. They are not yet a vibrational match to the approach to life that will set them free. You are and that is all that matters. It is not better or worse to live life in any certain way. It’s strictly a personal choice. You can make that choice for yourself and allow everyone else to explore whatever they are currently exploring. This is the higher perspective that will relieve the stress you feel in your body.

With our love,
We are Joshua