Dear Joshua,

Over the last five weeks of bootcamp I’ve uncovered quite a lot of limiting beliefs and processed them as well as I can. There is so much information that I’m having trouble remembering it easily. In the moment that I’m uncovering a belief or gaining some new insight or perspective it’s very exciting and clear. But not long after I find myself struggling to recall the information. I feel that I’m having breakthrough after breakthrough and doing lots of expanding. I guess my worry is that if this information isn’t clear and firmly implanted in my mind then I might keep repeating the same old patterns for longer than necessary.

I would also like to ask about my nightly dreams. I have always felt my dreams were a big part of the way I receive guidance. I know they are an indication of my vibration and want to understand them more fully. Since starting the bootcamp, any time I wake up from a dream that leaves me feeling negative I process the limiting belief that I think it’s showing me. Is there anything more I can do to better understand these nightly excursions into non-physical and gain the most from them.

With love and appreciation,

Dear Kim,

Limiting beliefs are like an infinite onion. Not only are there many limiting beliefs located within and as you process one, you uncover another, but each belief is layered and nuanced. And so as you uncover a limiting belief during a manifestation event or by thinking a thought that brings up negative emotion, you play around with it looking at it from new perspectives. You process limiting beliefs by proving they are false. All limiting beliefs are false and so you are able to find evidence to that effect. However, some of your limiting beliefs are so engrained, you believe they are true. The universe will help you see the limiting belief from many angles so that you can prove that one aspect of the belief is false before moving to another perspective on the same belief.

For instance, imagine that your true desire is to experience abundance. While you are experiencing abundance now and you have always experienced abundance, you are currently focused on lack of money. In order to become vibrationally matched to more money, you will have to alter your limiting beliefs around money. You will have to adopt a new concept of wealth and financial prosperity. You will have to see things differently. In order to allow this to happen, you must overcome your fear of loss of money.

When you hold on tightly to money (or anything else) because you fear the loss of it, you are simply operating in opposition to the rules of this game. If you fear the loss of anything, your focus of attention holds you in the same pattern of behavior and so more money cannot flow. You are focused in the preservation of what you have rather then the belief that money is a flow of energy. In order to recognize your limiting beliefs, the universe will place you in manifestation events designed to cause a shift in your perspective.

As you become less resistant around money, you might find yourself losing money. This will help you see money from another perspective. If you go with the flow of these events, you will find the information contained within each of them., However, your beliefs do not normally shift after a single event. Your beliefs shift over the course of multiple events, each one gaining in depth and strength. As you reach one level, the belief must be tested at a new, more intense level.

Let’s say that you lose a dollar. You have a mild manifestation event over this because you are not so attached to small amounts. You are already more abundant in your beliefs and so the dollar represents a very small loss and there is little resistance. The universe now places you in a manifestation event where you lose ten dollars. Again, it is a small event and you process it easily. Very good. The next event is more intense and you receive an unexpected bill for $300. How you react to this event will determine where you go from here. If you were truly abundant, the bill would not matter.

The universe will work with you on all such limiting beliefs in order to help you become a vibrational match to what you truly desire. Each time you face an event, you will receive information. In participation in the bootcamp, you are asked to focus on manifestation events in order to become more proficient at recognizing and processing limiting beliefs. Your limiting beliefs have always been with you, but you have mostly ignored them in the past. Now you are spending more time consciously thinking about why you respond to events in ways that are simply limiting. Now you are looking at your fears. Now you are doing this work on a consistent basis.

Your dreams can offer guidance. When you wake and recall a dream, you might interpret it in a way that reveals some negative emotion. Why would this occur to you? The dream has no effect on your life. It is not real. So then, why do you feel negative emotion when thinking about dreams? Because you are looking at the dream and judging it. The dream is neither good or bad, it is neutral. Your judgment, like every event, causes you to perceive something wrong and so you feel fear. That fear is always triggered by a limiting belief.

Limiting beliefs are not bad or wrong. They are simply limiting. They cause you to experience irrational fear and thus alter your perception of reality. Without the limiting beliefs, there would be no irrational fears and you would receive inspiration more clearly. This is the benefit of the work. You are just starting this work and it will take a bit of time to master. However, you are a master creator and this work will come more easily to you as you continue your practice.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.