Dear Joshua,

I’m reading Health, Wealth and Love and I’m enjoying it very much. I came to something you said and I was hoping you can expand on it. You said, “you can erase those memories and you can believe in your own worthiness.” I’m interested in either erasing memories or changing my belief about the past memories so I can move forward more joyously.

Thank you
With love,

Dear Kelly,

You need not erase memories to move forward in joy. The memory is not bad, it is only perceived as bad by you. You have that choice of perspective. You can choose to believe that the memory of some event is bad, but that’s not actually the case. What you are really doing is continuing to see it from a limited perspective. If you can find a way to view it from a higher perspective, the feeling contained in the memory will change and therefore the memory will be replaced with something else.

Imagine an event in your life that you continue to believe was bad or wrong. Think about that event. See the event in your memory. Is the event clear? Certainly not. The event itself is fuzzy, blurry and hard to hold together. You are easily distracted from the memory. Is the memory real? Well it exists and so it is real, but it is not tangible and every time you recall the event, you change it slightly. That means that each time you recall any past event, the event itself changes.

You are a vibrational being. Your vibration is elevated now as you compare yourself to past versions of you. You are not the same person who existed when the event was a vibrational match to that old version of you. However, the extent to which you think the event was wrong keeps it in your vibration. You maintain the vibration of that part of you that was a match to the past event. If you want to experience something new, you will have to find a way to perceive the event from a new perspective.

You might say to yourself, “The event was not wrong. It was something that I do not prefer experiencing now, however I must admit that at the time, the event caused me to change. It caused me to birth new desires. It caused me to ask for something else. I expanded as a result of the experience and now I am no longer a match to similar experiences. I have expanded and my vibration is higher than ever before. I choose to look forward to what I prefer, and I know that I can never lose anything. I can move forward and push through fear in order to maintain my alignment. I choose to maintain my alignment so that I will receive and act on inspiration that will move me to where I want to go. I don’t know how everything will work out, but I know that it will all work out perfectly for me and for those I love.”

“I have my fears and these are based in limiting beliefs. Nothing is wrong. I am just perceiving fear and it seems as if things might be wrong. I now choose to look at all past events from a higher perspective. I choose to ask how these events were for me. Sometimes I can recognize it easily and other times the benefit eludes me. But I am confident that all events are for my highest good. If I have a memory about a past event, it does not mean anything about who I am now, only how I was being at the time. I am different now and so these memories cannot define me. I can see that the current version of me exists at a much higher level of clarity. I know more now. I understand how the universe works now. All that I experienced in the past has led me to where I am now and this is a very good place to be.”

When you remember to talk to yourself in empowering ways, you take control of your perspective. The only way you could ever feel fear, feel any negative emotion, or feel that anything is wrong is by closing a limited perspective. That perspective triggers limiting beliefs and so you perceive not the true reality, but an illusion of reality. In order to see the reality your inner self is seeing, you must regain the higher perspective that your inner self chooses. This is nothing more than your emotional guidance system at work. Use it as it was intended by noticing your negative emotions and then reminding yourself that old beliefs that limit your experience of life are not true. The memories are not real.

If the memory triggers a negative emotion, that is your inner self reminding you that you once chose a limited perspective regarding the event and you are once again choosing a limited perspective. You can go on and on standing by your limited perspective or you can choose a new one. You are in control of your thoughts, beliefs and perspectives.

This is the free will you were given as you came forth into this reality. You have the right and the power to choose. It’s as simple as that. If you choose to perceive that something is bad or wrong, it becomes bad and wrong for you. If you choose to remember that the event was bad or wrong, it remains bad and wrong for you. You create your reality around these things. If you want to release the bad memory, simply alter your perspective and the memory is released. It’s a practice of focus. You choose what everything means. Practice seeing everything as right and you take back control over your vibration and your point of attraction.

With our love,
We are Joshua