Dear Joshua,

I am very confused about something from the conversation today, not sure if you remember.

David and I turned an ex employee into the police because we thought that was the correct thing to do when someone does an illegal act. Joshua stated that there is “No Wrong” and that it happened for me… not to me and that I am in victim mode. I said that we turned her into the police to help stop her and try to prevent her from possibly hurting someone else. I was told something that I was taking control and a creator mind would not have called the police. A creator mind this would never have happened.

I understand that I am not in creator mode and in victim mode and therefore this is why it happened to begin with.

What I do not understand is let’s say hypothetically that some person molested my child. I choose to turn that molester into the police for the reasoning to try and help stop that person from possibly hurting someone else. Should I have not called the police? Is my child not a victim? So they as a child have to go through this experience without adult parenting help? What are the police for?

I do not see it as me trying to take control to call the police. Hmmmm?

If I am in a creator mind set of bliss nothing bad will ever happen again in my experiences in life? Hmmmm?

Thank you Joshua,

Dear Kellie,

There are two ways to approach life; control or acceptance. When you perceive that bad things can happen to you, you exist in a state of fear and you naturally receive urges to change the conditions in order to protect yourself. The term “victim” has a negative connotation in your society, but we do not see it as negative or wrong in any way. It is a perfectly valid approach to life, however, it is simply not effective given the laws of the universe. We know how this system works and we also know that if one choses to life life in fear as a victim, one must take action to control the conditions. This approach is simply not effective, because it defies the basic design of the system. There’s a much more effective way to approach life. This is what we teach.

You are the creator of your reality whether you believe it or not, whether it seems like it or not, and whether you are consciously creating it or not. You create your reality through the thoughts you think, through the beliefs you hold onto, and through your approach to life. You can be, have and do anything you like in this reality. You are quite limitless in nature. You may explore any subject you like. Nothing is off limits. You intended to explore certain aspects of physical reality in order to cause expansion. You have done this already. You have experienced lack, betrayal, and deception. If you have explored this enough, you can now turn your attention to what you prefer. You can now become a conscious creator understanding your primary role in every single aspect of your life.

Since you can absolutely control your thoughts, since you have the option to think any thought you like, since you can consciously adjust your set of beliefs and approach life in any way you choose, you can know for certain that you can create your reality consciously and effectively. This is easily within your power and it was also the intention you set prior to your birth. You intended to become a conscious creator. All the events of your life worked out perfectly so that you would eventually find your way to this moment in time, this question, and our teachings. Everything worked out perfectly.

If you did not have a strong desire to be the creator of your reality and to change your approach to life, you could not have found your way here. It would not be possible. Since you are here and you have the option of joining our bootcamp and engaging in the process of great change, you know that you are ready for the next step. You cannot see who you truly are from where you now stand, because you are not yet a vibrational match to that higher version of you. However, that version of you exists just as plainly as the more limited version of you exists. All you have to do is make your way vibrationally from where you are now to that higher place. You do this by engaging in a process that will alter your set of beliefs, your entire perspective, your approach to life, and thus, your vibration. When your vibration is raised, your reality will shift and it will feel very, very good to you.

If you do nothing and continue on exploring victimhood and betrayal, you will continue to explore deeper and more significant aspects of the limited version of you. This is perfectly acceptable, yet you will find the experience to be frightening and unpleasant. You will fall deeper into fear and negative emotion. The momentum of fear will actually increase. The reason for this is that you have not paid attention to past manifestation events that caused you pain. You placed blame outside of yourself and you called the other people wrong. They were not wrong, they were doing their part to awaken your soul’s purpose. They were helping you find your way here so that you could adopt a new approach to life. If you do not accept that you are at the right place at the right time, other events will occur at a deeper and more noticeable level. They will certainly get your attention.

This is your reality. This is your experience of life. You are at the center of your universe. Everyone else revolves around you in order to allow you to see who you are being. They are simply a reflection of the vibration you are offering. We ask you this; by calling the other person wrong and trying to assign blame to their actions, how has this benefitted you? It has not. When you act on urges to control conditions, you do not serve your greater good. You go off in new directions and experience new manifestation events that do not feel good. When humans use hypothetical examples, it’s always the worst thing they can think of. We ask you to use examples of actual experiences. Think more about the actual experiences that you are going through.

As the creator of your reality, you do not rely on anything outside of you to make you feel complete, secure, whole, or loved. You cultivate these feelings from within. As a victim, you have felt a lack of these feelings and so you have tried to change conditions in order to feel what you do not feel. You can look at your own life and understand that this approach has never worked. It is not effective. There is only one effective way to approach life. We would love the opportunity to teach you this new approach.

With our love,
We are Joshua