Dear Joshua,

When I get intense negative emotions I feel like I have to change it, by working on my limiting beliefs that made me manifest the negative emotion. Is this an urge or an inspiration?

Thank you!

Dear Julia,

An urge is a reaction to what you think is wrong and is based in fear. It is the attempt to change or control the conditions. There is an underlying limiting belief that sparks all fear. Without the limiting belief, you could not look at something from a limited perspective and so you would not believe in the wrongness of that subject. Therefore, you would not be looking at the illusion. Without limiting beliefs, you would always see the reality of any situation.

A negative emotion is not bad or wrong, it is simply an indication that you are looking at an illusion of your reality. You are not looking at the truth. You are seeing it from a limited perspective and this causes you to feel fear. Negative emotion accompanies fear because your inner self is always looking at the true reality of the situation. The emotion tells you that your current perspective is either in alignment (positive emotion) or our of alignment (negative emotion) with your inner self’s perspective. Yes, it was your intention to be in alignment. Yes, you chose a body and a physical system which feels emotion intensely. You very much wanted to feel your emotions so that you could know when you are in or out of alignment. It is not the emotion you want to rid yourself of, for you would never want to deny yourself guidance from your inner self. It is the state of fear and believing in the illusion that you very much want to come out of. However, this process of living in great fear and then finding a way out of that fear is a prominent theme in your exploration. You very much wanted to experience the fear, believe in the illusion and then find your way out of the illusion to discover that everything is actually perfectly right.

Intense negative emotion feels very bad. Changing the conditions will never solve the problem of how you feel because your feelings are based in your set of beliefs. If you have a set of very strong limiting beliefs, you will experience highly intense negative emotion whenever they are triggered. The event that triggers the emotion is called a Manifestation Event. These events are created by the universe to allow you to discover your limiting beliefs. It is a very effective system if you understand their purpose. The events are not bad or good, they simply come forth to allow you the opportunity of growth and to choose a new perspective. Without manifestation events, it would be quite difficult to discover and process your limiting beliefs.

You currently exist with a set of beliefs that informs your vibration and your reality is based on that vibration. As you adjust your beliefs to become more empowering and less limiting, your reality changes in a way that you will like. There is nothing actually wrong with your reality now. It’s simply the illusion of wrong. By processing your limiting beliefs (whenever you are able) you do the work necessary to adjust the intensity of those beliefs and you shift the balance of beliefs from limiting to empowering.

You were inspired to join the bootcamp. You were inspired to look at your beliefs. You were inspired to ask this question. Anything you think of that leads to your growth and expansion toward love is an inspired idea.

With our love,
We are Joshua