Hi Joshua,

I have a pattern or habit that I continue to do that I perceive as self sabotage.

It happens all the time and happened a number of times today when I was working on the Bootcamp exercises, but especially when writing my “Life Story”.

I will start get s small amount of momentum going and stop and go do something else like take out the garbage. Sometimes I don’t start at all. Or, I get 5-10% into many different things. My boyfriend complains that I start something and never finish it. I have a room full of things I thought I would start and didn’t complete. Some I’ve had for 18 years but I cannot make myself get rid of them either. Twice I started reading bios that were fascinating then I really started to feel for the person’s story, so then I would also stop. I stopped to write this question to you.

So that I don’t feel completely powerless in this question. I would like to observe what I may be experiencing here as far as limiting beliefs or exploration. One may be worthiness, lack of clarity, I don’t think I am lazy. Maybe fear of success or failure? With my clutter or things I cannot get rid of is maybe fear of lack or separation? I guess if I really knew I wouldn’t need to ask for your insight. Thank you. I hope others benefit from my question as well.


Dear JoJo,

You were inspired to write this question to us. You took the first step and wrote the question. Very good. Then you felt a bit of fear before hitting the send button, but you pushed through that fear and sent it. How did this occur when sometimes you find yourself not following through on the inspiration to act? It’s rather simple. In this case, your desire was stronger than your fear.

When the desire is stronger than the fear, you are able to push past fear in every case. When the fear is stronger than the desire, the fear will limit you from taking any further action, every single time. Therefore, it is not a matter of being able to finish things you’ve started. It’s simply a matter of reducing the intensity of the fear or raising the intensity of the desire or both.

You have heard stories of mothers lifting cars off their children. Their desire to save their children is stronger than the fear of being unable to lift the car. Naturally, some desires are stronger than the corresponding fears. Some fears are naturally stronger than the corresponding desires. It is different for each person. Some people follow through on everything they do simply because they have a fear of failure or a fear of what others will think of them and this pushes them to completing everything they start. Is that the best way to be? Certainly not. Just because you have an inspiration does not mean you need to carry it to it’s conclusion. Sometimes the inspired idea leads to something else that you could not have imagined or planned for. That’s where serendipity enters. Think of all the times you followed through on inspiring ideas. Think of all the times you left those ideas alone. The desire lost steam and the fear became limiting. Nothing here is wrong.

In your natural state, free from irrational fear, you would receive inspiration. You would realize that the inspired ideas come forth to move you to where you truly want to go. You would also realize that fear will naturally pop up before taking any action. That fear is based on limiting beliefs. In every case you have the opportunity to process the limiting beliefs, prove they are false and reduce the intensity of the fear. This will make it easier to push past the fear. You can know for certain that inspired action will always lead to your highest good, even though you will never know exactly how. Faith and confidence will serve you in these areas.

You receive an inspired idea that will fulfill the manifestation of a desire. Fear will present itself as you contemplate taking action. In the moment fear arises, you can analyze it and the corresponding limiting belief. You do the work to prove the belief is false and you push past fear to take that very first step. You regain your balance and wait for the inspiration to take another step. If it comes, you repeat the process. If it does not come, you simply wait for the next inspiring idea. This is how you would conduct yourself if you were a blended being, existing in perfect harmony with your inner self. If you did this, you would be highly effective.

With our love,
We are Joshua