Hello Joshua,

When we are born into physical reality do we come with programs from past lives, positive or negative? Or do we begin acquiring them at birth and as we grow older? When do we stop coming back to the physical realm or do we just keep coming for fun and experience joy and less suffering as our soul evolves?

Thank you so much,
Kim and Joe

Dear Joe and Kim,

Prior to your birth, you set many strong intentions for what you wanted to explore this time around. And while this is a fresh start, so to speak, your intentions are the driving force in your life. You are either allowing those intentions to flow through you or you are resisting them. We will describe your intentions as the current of a river. You are either floating along enjoying the view, or you are paddling upriver. One approach is easy, relaxing and enjoyable and the other is struggle, hardship and pain.

The intentions you set prior to your birth are mostly general in nature. You intended to love and accept yourself, all others and the conditions as they exist in the moment. You intended to experience true freedom and abundance, not lack and limitation. You intended to expand with each experience in joy and you intended to explore some aspect of physical reality, at this time of awakening, in more detail. Now that you are here, you may choose any exploration you like. It is all valid and good. You can explore life in a way that you did not intend. In fact, that’s how most people are exploring reality. They are not allowing their true intentions to unfold do to their lack of clarity. And while some may say you have little control over the course of your life, we would disagree. The fact that so many are resisting their true paths proves that they are choosing other paths on their own accord.

Your other lives do not directly affect this life, however, based on the experience, expansion, and perspectives gained from past lives, new intentions are formed. If you have lived as a moth enough times, maybe you will intend to live as a butterfly the next time around. If you lived in lack enough times, maybe you choose to experience true abundance this time. If you have lived in true abundance enough times, maybe you come to explore lack. However, once you have explored anything enough, you go on to explore something else. This is true of your physical life and your nonphysical life. At some point you may not feel the need for expansion that can be gained as a human living on earth and so you might choose to explore something else. Until that time, there is much to be gained from the expansion incurred through physical life. You are first and foremost a creator and an explorer. Your creation is your life experience, your unique perspective, and your ability to transform thoughts into things.

In other words, you create from the nonphysical into the physical; be that your life, your unique perspective, or any manifestations that you receive. These are all your creations. As you are creating, you are simultaneously exploring. It is all in the sifting and sorting though life that causes your expansion and creation to flow forth from you.

The concept of suffering is a limited human perspective. Most suffering is caused by extreme attention to lack. Suffering is really fear. However, fear can be processed. Fear is not a solid, fixed construct. It is malleable. If you perceive that you are not receiving what you think you want or need, you will suffer. If you perceive that you have everything you want and need, you will exist in joy. Therefore, the difference between those two experiences is the perspective. If you raise your perspective, you will ease or erase your suffering. If you allow your perspective to become even more limited, you will increase your suffering. It could be the exact same experience, but from the limited perspective, the experience is painful because it is based in fear. From the higher perspective, the experience is joyful, because it is based in love. Yes, your perspective is sometimes limited, but you have control over that. You can see the good in everything. You can appreciate what you do have. You can focus your mind to align with love and accept all that exists as it is right now. If you do that, you will create an experience of life that is aligned with the intentions you set prior to your birth and this life will feel very, very good to you.

With our love,
We are Joshua