Dear Joshua,

Joe and I are wondering why is that when we come to this physical reality we forget who we really are. Why can’t we come knowing that we are coming to a kind of amusement park and then choose the rides we want to experience?

And when we do come back again and again into physical reality do we keep coming back as a more expanded version each time? And why have we not previously been provided with techniques to process our fear before this time in humanity’s evolution?

And why have spiritual practices in the past been so secretive?

And do animals come back again and again and possibly choose a human form eventually?

Sorry so many questions!
Love, Kim and Joe

Dear Kim and Joe,

When you come into physical reality as a newborn baby, you are well aware of who you are. You know that you are magnificent and limitless beings of pure positive love and acceptance. You exist at this vibration and you match the vibration of the earth, the time and place of your births and your parents, siblings and all those who you meet the day you are born. Along the way you forget who you are as you adopt a set of beliefs. The journey of self-discovery is the process of remembering who you truly are by processing those limiting beliefs. You do this because it is the way to explore who you are (or even, who you are not). If you did not forget who you are, you would have no need to come here because expansion would not be possible.

In every moment of your journey, you are expanding through experiences. At the end of this life experience, as you return to the nonphysical, you are the most expanded version of you who has ever existed. When you reenter physical reality, for your next journey of self-discovery and expansion, you come in at a more evolved and expanded version. This is a journey of expansion and evolution to higher and broader states of beingness. This is the design of the system. All beings expand with each incarnation.

In each incarnation, you reach for new perspectives. If you are ready to understand the laws of the universe, you will be guided to those tools and teachings. However, if this is not part of your journey, or if your limiting beliefs are not strong enough to sway you, then there is no need for these teachings. If you live life in a way that serves your approach (possibly as a victim to fate) then information that would allow you to see yourself as a creator would not be necessary or needed. It is only through your desire to seek a new approach to life can you find these teachings. The need comes before the discovery of these teachings. Without the need, you need not discover more information. The teachings have always been available to those with the desire to discover them. The desire precedes the discovery. They are not actually secret, they simply appear secret to those without the desire.

All life exists on a spectrum of awareness. It is the awareness of self as an aspect of Source. All life forms evolve to higher levels of awareness. At this point in time, the human exists with a more expanded level of awareness and so the experience of human life is currently ay the top of the ladder in terms of Source-awareness. Not all life forms need to reach this level, however it is available when the time is right. There will always be cells, amoebas, and other life forms because they do more than you know to keep the system humming along. It is all part of the design of the system.

The only thing you need to consider is this life you are living now. What is it that you want? What is your exploration? You are expanding to another level of awareness. However, now that you are here, you can choose to embark on any exploration you like. You set intentions prior to your birth and those intentions allow for the discovery of who you truly are. With an expanded awareness of your limitless and magnificent nature, you can choose anything. What do you choose to explore in this life as Joe and Kim? That is completely up to you.

With our love,
We are Joshua