Hi Joshua,

When I am reading esoteric books or listening to something of the same nature, I often get the inkling to share it with someone who comes to mind. But I stop because I realize they may not be open to the teachings at all because of their belief systems. So I stop myself. It doesn’t bother me that I stop but it comes up more and more. One part of me says, “oh stop imposing yourself on others and trying to change who they are since they aren’t coming to me for help.” I think perhaps I am trying to change the condition of who they are by wanting to share this so they can become different. Then, just before I wrote this, it happened again and I wondered if it was inspiration that I should follow and what is keeping me from doing it is fear of how they will judge me or that I will anger them?

I’ve recently had conversations with friends individually where they are expressing a situation of theirs they aren’t pleased with etc. They do not ask for my help or opinion but I blurt out what comes to mind anyway. I am a definite blurter! Then at night I judge myself for being that way since they didn’t ask. I don’t know if it they understand as I explain what I have learned. I don’t know if it helps them or not as I don’t always ask if it makes sense. I recall Ester/Abraham saying don’t share unless they ask me for my opinion. I know some of my friends think I am a little odd Joshua and I think that is ok.

Perhaps I am just planting a seed.


Dear JoAnn,

It might be difficult in certain situations to understand whether you are receiving an urge to change the conditions or true inspiration. We ask you to think about who you really are. You are a loving and limitless being. What would a being based in love do? A being based in love would be inspired to spread love. If that being was temporarily experiencing some fear, she would receive urges to change the conditions. Therefore, if the thought to share information based in love comes to you, then because the information is based in love and you are based in love, you can be certain it is an inspired idea. If it comes to you, then it is for you. If you act on the inspiration, you will be moving toward the life you truly want. If you prevent yourself from acting because fear pops up, you will not be moving toward that life, because you are limited by fear.

Fear is like the brakes on a car. It slows the car down. It is resistant. It is limiting. Obviously, you could not operate a car without the brakes, and so they serve their purpose. However, the operation of the car is not effective when the brakes are constantly engaged. To move to the life you desire, you must ease up on the resistance and push past the fear.

If you had the thought to tell someone that you loved them, would this be inspiration? That depends on your state of being. If you are feeling unloved and you want someone to tell you that they love you, you might employ this as a tactic to manipulate the conditions in order to receive what you think you want. If you truly feel inspired to say “I
love you” to someone, then fear will pop up. “What if they do not reciprocate my love? How will I feel then?” The fear is irrational and so it is appropriate to take action and share your inspired thoughts. The thought is based in love, you are based in love and the action that is inspired is also aligned with love and who you really are.

If you are in a place of alignment (love) and you receive the thought, you can analyze it and consider whether it is a true desire or simply an urge to change the conditions. Your state of being will inform you to the basis of the thought. In alignment, you receive inspiration that will move you forward to the life you truly desire. In a state of fear (out of alignment), you receive urges to change the conditions. Fear will pop up in the case of an urge or an inspiration. Do you see that the fear allows you time to consider your action? That’s very useful, but limiting. It limits you from acting on both urges and inspiration. Therefore, your state of being plays a large role in determining the quality of the thought. This is why it is important to meditate, engage in a daily spiritual practice, and maintain your alignment.

Acting on inspired ideas will allow you to explore more fully who you really are. Acting on urges will allow you to more fully explore who you are not. Either way, you are exploring and expanding and so there is no wrong in any of it. However, an effective life is created by pushing past fear and acting on inspired ideas. If you are inspired to purchase a crystal to create an environment of love, then that is a marvelous idea. If you are using crystals to change an unwanted condition, then they are pretty, but ineffective.

With our love,
We are Joshua