Hi Joshua,

I was feeling very good today and was even inspired to call the “coo coo” woman who has been calling me a lot. Afterwords, I did today’s meditation and felt in so much alignment and joy more than I have in a while. I felt so happy. I went on to my next inspired task. Then I could hear my boyfriend arguing and yelling at his mom. I don’t believe it affected me, but I did think it would affect him once his guest came for his party soon.

I went downstairs to assist by moving some tables into the house and chairs in from the garage. My boyfriend got off the phone with his mother and proceed to yell at me saying “why are you doing all this without asking me”. We got into a 20 minute yelling match.

My question is why, or how did I create this manifestation when I was feeling so aligned and happy and joyous after the meditation? What did I do wrong? Or rather than wrong, help me understand how I created this?

Thank you.
Jo Jo (JoAnn)

Dear Jo Ann,

You perceive that a manifestation event is bad. It is not. It is really, really good, because it allows you the opportunity to process a limiting belief. Without manifestation events, you could not uncover and process limiting beliefs. Therefore, it would be more difficult for you to ascend vibrationally to the place you truly want to go. You perceive that negative emotions are bad. They are not. Yes, we agree that from your perspective, they feel bad. You assume you would feel better if you could avoid all negative emotion. This is the absolute opposite of what you truly want. You want the guidance contained in the negative emotion. You want to understand when you are perceiving an illusion of danger. You want the information contained in the negative emotion. You do not want to avoid or become numb to negative emotion. You truly want to change your perception of the negative emotion. You truly want to see it as guidance.

You found your alignment. You felt happy. And now you presume that the manifestation event caused you to be unhappy. From your perspective, had it not been for the manifestation event and the accompanying negative emotion, you could have remained happy. You could have remained in alignment. It is your boyfriend’s fault that you are no longer in alignment. If only he was different than he is, you could be happy. Well, that is not what’s going on here.

You choose your alignment. Sometimes, when you perceive that things are going well, you use this as your excuse to regain and maintain your alignment. Then, when you perceive that something wrong is happening, you choose to use the event as your excuse to come out of alignment. Don’t you see? It all has to do with your perception of reality and the perspective you choose during and after the event. In other words, it is all within your total and absolute control. You can choose your thoughts. You can choose your perspective. It is always up to you. Instead of choosing the higher perspective, you chose a limited one. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just not serving you. The limited perspective will take you out of alignment and keep you there. The higher perspective will bring you back into alignment. Remember, it’s always your choice.

The limited perspective is that your boyfriend should not have made you wrong for helping out. From the higher perspective, you can know that this has nothing to do with you and you did nothing wrong. However, you choose to stick to your limited perspective and react to urges to make him wrong for making you wrong. You added fear as fuel to the fire and this elevated the intensity of what could have been a very mild manifestation event. You chose to react to an urge to change the conditions rather than do the work to regain your alignment. Remember, it is always your choice.

You might say “how is this my choice? He yelled at me. I have to defend myself. There is no other option.” And we would agree. If you are living life as a victim to the expression of fear from other people, then you must admit that they have the power to create in your reality and so you must always be controlling them and defending yourself. However, if you were the creator of your reality, you could see that this event was created to allow you to see and process a limiting belief. The event itself is simply a message. It informs you of the presence of a limiting belief. If you change the intensity of the limiting belief, you raise your vibration. If you do not uncover the limiting belief, you do not change your vibration and you do not become a vibrational match to what you want. Do you now see how you create your reality? Do you now see the value in manifestation events.

When you lament about receiving a manifestation event when you are feeling good, what you are really trying to do is control how you feel by controlling the conditions. This is not the approach to life of the creator, it’s the approach of the victim. You do not want to control the conditions. You do not want to avoid manifestation events. It’s like only receiving gifts on Christmas. You truly want gifts every day, all year long.

The manifestation event is the gift. Your ability to process a limiting belief is your work. Do the work or do not do the work. The universe does not care. If you are to make your way to the full vibration of what you want, so that it can manifest into your reality, then you will have to become a vibrational match to that version of you who is ready. You become ready by processing limiting beliefs. The manifestation events allow you to see your limiting beliefs. It is a gift. You want to receive gifts every day, all year long.

With our love,
We are Joshua