Dear Joshua,

I wanted to ask you if I should join the Bootcamp and what the cost would be? I need help moving past a host of limiting beliefs that is keeping me from being all that I can be. I quit a great 15-year job in 2005 and sold my home and moved to a new area and started in real estate in 2006. I haven’t sold many homes throughout these years. I am basically like a new agent even though I am knowledgeable about the business.

The most I have sold in any year was 6 homes. My last closing was almost 8 months ago. I have drained most of my retirement. I have a fear of putting myself out there and asking people for business and letting them know I am in real estate and also of making cold calls. However, I do want to stay in this business because there are aspects of it I do like. I don’t love the sales aspect. But not having consistent income is irresponsible of me.

I just recently discovered Gary and Joshua and have been listening in my car or at the gym. I really want to move past this. Even at this part time job I just started I am catching several limiting beliefs.

Thank you,

Dear JoAnn,

What you think you want and what you truly want are often quite different. What you think you want is based in the lack of what you think you need. What you truly want has to do with the intentions you set prior to your birth. What you think you want is financial security, ease, freedom from fear, etc. This is based in your perceived lack of those things. You are now focused on the exploration of that lack. In that exploration you are receiving an abundance of experiences surrounding that lack. What you want to do now is shift your focus and change your subject of exploration.

You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. Do you feel that now? Why not? It’s because you have adopted some limiting beliefs about yourself. You are approaching life as a victim trying to control conditions in order to avoid negative emotion. The negative emotion feels bad, but it is not bad, it’s simply guidance. You are not using your guidance system as it was designed. In fact, you are avoiding negative emotion and this is why it feels bad to do the things that are necessary in the real estate business. You feel fear and so you tend to avoid situations that could potentially bring up negative emotion. You are not alone, this is common for most people.

Those who excel in the real estate business do not feel negative emotion in the same way that you do. They have a different level of self-talk and this is why it does not bother them to cold call or to talk about themselves. They have a different perspective. It is not better or worse, it’s just different and the result is more sales. However, sales are not what you truly want. Sales are your idea of how you might manifest the feelings of security and financial abundance. Unfortunately, the system does not work that way. You must learn to cultivate those powerful feelings from a higher perspective.

The Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp is a process that will raise your vibration, step by step, so that you may see yourself, all others, and the world around you from a higher perspective. It will help you feel more comfortable with your emotional guidance system. It will reduce the desire to avoid negative emotions and those events or situations that might trigger those emotions. If you feel negative emotion, it means you have uncovered a limiting belief.

There are two ways to learn something; through the passive activities of reading books, listening to podcasts or watching videos. You receive information on an intellectual level, but it’s difficult to integrate that information. If you really want to change, you must involve yourself in a daily spiritual practice and engage in active learning. You must radically alter your entire approach to life. You must do the work that will actually raise your vibration.

Your vibration is raised through experience. The experience of reading, listening, and watching is passive and so the results match this level of engagement. When you learn to see things differently and come to know the truth of your reality, you do so through active engagement and this is why the Bootcamp was created. Active engagement over a period of time will do much more to raise your vibration. As your vibration shifts, you enter a new reality.

You did not come here to work as a real estate agent, you came to explore physical reality and to journey along a path of self-discovery. You can discover who you are in any profession, because it always offers you the opportunity to expand through experience. However, so does the experience of homelessness. You expand through receding into your limitations as well as breaking through your limitations. There is no difference as far as the actual expansion is concerned, it has more to do with the experience of life and the path of your expansion.

You could live in poverty your entire life, exploring the subjects of lack and this would be a valid form of exploration and self-discovery. You would be discovering who you are not. However, the exploration of who you really are was intended by you prior to your birth. The restricted exploration of self-discovery contradicts the more expanded and love-based experience of limitlessness. And so your exploration of lack is at odds with the life you intended to live. That’s okay because that exploration brought you to where you are now. You are now a match to these teachings and you are ready to explore the opposite end of the abundance stick. You are ready to understand how to actively and intentionally create your life through alignment with universal laws. It is the approach of love and acceptance rather than fear and control.

Your idea of abundance is limited because you are living as a victim in fear. In order to create the life you truly want, you must approach life in another way. You must give up control, exercise faith in the system, and push past your fears. You might achieve this through many years studying our teachings passively or by actively engaging in a process. The choice is yours. If you are willing to invest in your vibrational reality, you must push past fears. If you are willing to do the work, you must push past fears. If you truly want to engage universal laws, you must move out of your comfort zone.

You cannot know where the process will lead you. You cannot know how it will affect you. All you can know is that your vibration will raise and your reality will be affected due to the change in your vibration. You will have to do the work. You will have to raise your perspective. You will have to become an allower. You will have to reverse your tendencies that support your own limitations. However, if you can do all of that, you can radically change the course of your life.

With our love,
We are Joshua