1. Are there different levels of consciousness in non physical, like there are in a physical experience? In other words, when a person re-emerges into non physical, do they have the same knowledge base as the group of beings in Joshua, or do they have to aspire to that level and go through stages of learning like we do here?

There are no levels as you would define them from your frame of reference. One is not higher than another, one does not aspire to a certain level of consciousness, one is not judged for how far one has progressed, one just expands. And as the one expands, the consciousness of all expands. You might have lived as a butterfly, but now the life of a butterfly would not be interesting because you have expanded beyond that.

In nonphysical you simply do what you want because it’s interesting and you move in these directions with others who are also interested and the group moves as and is as one. Since you have no resistance in the nonphysical, you possess the infinite knowledge of the universe and you allow that intelligence to flow through you. You have the same abilities here on earth in your physical form if you are interested in something and if you allow the intelligence to flow.


2. Is there ever confusion when you’ve made the transition to non physical? In other words, does anyone not realize they are dead (like the popular belief to explain ghost activity).

Some are prepared for the death experience and their transition is joyous and easy. Some of those who have been particularly grounded in physical reality have some confusion, but it does not last long. The transition for most is peaceful and easy and the memory you have of what the nonphysical realm is comes back quickly.

Ghosts are many different things depending on the circumstance. They could be thought forms that are resonating with the observer, they could be images coming from a parallel universe or time, they could be nonphysical entities projecting form to create communication, they could be the imaginations of those who fear that sort of phenomenon. It depends on the emotional state of the observer and their vibrational frequency.

The observer is always a match to the occurrence and thus they have attracted it. However, it is not what you describe as someone who does not accept they are dead. Those who have trouble transitioning are simply adjusting to the environment that they have forgotten. They will come to remember the nonphysical environment because it is their home. It is similar to waking up from an intense dream and not knowing where you are. As soon as you look around, the knowledge of where you are comes back to you.


3. When death is imminent, do we leave our bodies before experiencing the physical pain of the death experience?

If you have ever seen a gazelle caught in the jaws of a lion you have seen it relax. When death is imminent, most simply relax and allow the process to take its natural course. There is always the initial struggle, but once the outcome is known there is a releasing of tension and there is no pain. Pain is caused by the non-acceptance of the conditions. You only feel pain when you fight against what is.


4. When we reincarnate, do we have to start all over again, or do we keep any of our spiritual ‘knowledge’? For example, if I reach a high level of connectedness in this lifetime, when I start my next life do I lose that knowing? If so, what is the point and if not, how soon can I get back up to speed and does it get easier each time and will I find alignment at younger and younger age? Or is this a silly question since time is an illusion and all our lives are simultaneous – and if that is the case, does each incarnate version of us benefit when one excels in alignment?

Once you have expanded, you never go back. Once you have reached a certain state of expansion and beingness, you expand more. There is no regression. You move forward, never backward. Whether it is in this life, the nonphysical life, or in the next life, you are always moving forward.

You are a master at the laws of the universe. There are very few who have reached your level. We are telling you this because you can handle what we are saying. We are not saying that your life should be easy, perfect, and without more challenges. We are not saying you have all the answers for that would lead you to believe you should be more than you are. You have a knowledge of the mechanism of the universe that few possess. But having that knowledge and applying it are two different things. You will never feel that you are applying your knowledge to the best of your abilities. This is a trap that all who have such knowledge fall into. You think, “If I know so much more than the average human, why do I still experience mundane human problems? Why am I not creating my life as I desire in every detail and in every moment?

Here is our answer. In another life you may have been a monk, living in a monastery and meditating all day. You came to a certain level of spiritual expansion, but there was not much going on. Your access to your inner self and to universal intelligence was open, but your vibration was lower and life was slower. This is the easy way to this whole thing of knowing what you know.

So you wanted more experience and more expansion. You came to this life, to this time, to your parents, to this fast-moving environment, and to also coming to know the laws of the universe in a time when most were ignorant of these laws. Imagine the difference from the life of a monk to this life. Now you have expanded so much more as a result of everything you’ve been able to do in this life. You are now more than you have ever been and you will expand more from here.


5. When something happens in life and I recognize just escaping a ‘near miss’, like avoiding an accident for example, or acknowledging something could have been a LOT worse… I always express gratitude for my safety and I’m left feeling like maybe it really didn’t go so well but I got a chance to do it over and have a better outcome. Almost like I was given a “do over” and my memory of it not going well is erased. Am I crazy or is this sometimes what happens when it’s not our choice to transition yet?

There are two things we would like to express here. One, near misses are sometimes just that. The near miss made you feel like you got lucky and the car just missed you. But whether it was an inch or a mile, you were missed. If a bird flew at you and turned at the last second, it would seem like a near miss. But, if you were looking the other way and never noticed the bird, it would not seem so incredible. You would not even notice the near miss.

The universe is working to get everything everyone wants and there is a lot going on that you are completely unaware of. Sometimes stuff happens that seems like it was meant for you but it wasn’t. You were just in the vicinity, but you were never the object of the manifestation event that is meant for someone else.

Two, you have a choice in all of experience and you can choose when to transition and when to stay here. However, if you choose to transition, you do so far before your day of transition. When the moment comes, you will be ready.

Sometimes it seems like you were meant to transition and something intervened to save your life. If you did not want to make your transition, you were not saved; this was simply a powerful manifestation event that was created to help you alter a limiting belief. Usually the limiting belief is that you are not safe. Sometimes near-death experiences help people realize what they need to know to move forward.


6. Are some physical lifetimes in another environment – like on other planets, or even different dimensions here on earth? And, they are happening simultaneously since time and space are illusions, correct?

Yes, all of your lives are happening simultaneously and that is hard to understand in your linear experience of life and time. When we say you expand in each life, you believe that one life follows another and you ascend this staircase expanding to a new level with each step. However, think of the universe and how you know it’s expanding despite time. You can use your telescopes to see the birth of stars that were born eons ago. Just think of your life in these terms where you are expanding outwards continuously.


7. Since it’s been documented that some people are able to have recalled memories from past lives, can some also recall non physical experiences from before birth?

You can recall what it feels like to be in the nonphysical and as a child this is much easier for you because you have not yet tuned your five physical senses to this physical reality. However, once you’ve spent time in this physical environment, you cannot relate to what nonphysical is. It is too different.

It is much easier to recall past lives because you have the same references. You know what it is like to live in physical reality and thus you can relate to it in another time. By slowing down your vibration (through a process such as hypnosis) you might be able to connect to the vibration of a past life. Notice though how most people who recall past lives recall the past and not the future.

If all lives are happening simultaneously, then it would make sense that you could recall a future life just as easily as a past life? But, since you have no point of reference for the future, you find it more difficult to believe you can recall the future. Since you have to believe something for it to exist in your reality, you can’t recall the future. If you believed you could, you would.


8. Since we are all truly connected, all of our “inner beings” are focused in groups and we exist in non physical at the same time, why is having a physical experience, where we do not remember past lives, beneficial?

If you remembered your past life, you would be bogged down by the lower vibrational frequency of that life. Once you have raised your frequency to a level that allows you to be born in this time, you cannot exist at a lower frequency. This life would seem overwhelming. It already seems overwhelming at times. Imagine what your monk would feel like if he were brought into your life. He couldn’t handle it.

You can see the older people of your society having tremendous difficulty with new technology. This is not because they are not intelligent, it’s because they resonate at a lower frequency. There are things your children can do with technology that your parents cannot do. It’s not intelligence; it’s vibration. The memory of a past life could only exist if you vibrated at that frequency. Since you are at a new, higher frequency, the past life (or future life) does not exist in your memory.


9. Children are born at a higher vibrational frequency. How does a young person (or child) compare vibrationally to a much older person who is spiritually connected?

You are talking about two different vibrations. A vibration that is aligned with the earth and physical reality at this time is high. The young person is ready for this environment, the other young people of this environment, and the technology that’s being created today. This is a different vibration than older people have access to no matter what their level of spiritual connection.

Spiritual connection has another vibration. You connect to your inner self, to us, to unlimited intelligence by reaching a higher vibration on the spiritual plane rather than the earth plane. So there are many planes of vibration. In this case we are talking about the earth (or physical) plane and the spiritual (or nonphysical) plane.

You were a match to the earth plane the day you were born and hence you were born. Generally, you do not keep up to speed with the rising vibration of the earth plane. This is why older people are nostalgic and believe that life was better in “their day.” Those born today are up to speed with the earth plane of today. But they too will fall behind and new ones will come to renew the planet. This is how the earth plane was designed.

Reaching a higher vibration on the spiritual plane can be done at any time in life and this plane is more static. While the earth plane is rapidly increasing in vibrational frequency, the spiritual plane is more fixed. Once you reach resonance with the spiritual plane, while existing in physical reality, you have access to infinite intelligence and communication with us and your inner self. It is much easier for you to reach our level on the spiritual plane than it is to keep up with the earth plane.


10. Is having communication with non physical intelligence, like Joshua or Abraham, really talking with “God”?

God is a reference to All That Is, which is hard to define in language you would understand. Everyone has been influenced by religion and society to an image of God. Many believe that they will be judged or that God will declare if they are worthy to receive what they want. Many “fear” God and so we do not use the term God. We use the term All That Is.

We understand that we are God only in the way that you understand that you are God too. We are part of All That Is just as you are part of All That Is. When you talk to us and think we are God, we talk to you and think that you are God. We have access to infinite intelligence just as you do. We are speaking from a broader perspective and we teach you to see your world from our perspective.


11. If someone is constantly worried about the safety and wellbeing of another, can they have an impact on that person’s safety and wellbeing? I understand we cannot create in another’s experience, but I also understand that worrying is the equivalent of placing an order, so to speak. So, for example, can a nervous grandmother who constantly expects an accident to happen by her grandchildren, influence an accident to actually occur – or does the natural wellbeing and connected-ness of the children “trump”?

You are right that you cannot create in another’s experience, but you understand that you can be influenced by another and you can also influence another. It is no good worrying too much about your influence because it is difficult for you change who you are and what you believe. Since you believe that you create in your own reality, worrying only makes your reality more worrisome.

You are more affected by worry than those you worry about. What is the cause or basis of your worry? Are you worried that one you love could be harmed? Since there is no death, no thing that can harm you, since your well-being is insured, since you can’t lose anyone, what are you worried about? Are you worried that you understand the principles of physical reality, yet you’re still worried? It’s just a limiting belief that you must come to realize does not serve you. Change your perspective on the subject and you’ll be able to alter your belief. Time will also alter your belief as you grow to trust that all is well.