Dear Joshua,

Since we are unable to create in another’s experience, could you explain if prayers for someone’s well-being have any affect on that person and if so, how?


Can you check in with my friend Scott who transitioned 5 years ago. I’d like to know if he visited me the other night and if he "saw" my facebook post. I’d also like to know if he can validate what happened with us in 1992. He will know what that means


Dear Jennifer,

We would compare a prayer to an intention. If the prayer or intention is for something wanted, then the intention is powerful. However, you are correct, you cannot create in another person’s reality, but you can influence other people and you do it all the time. If the person for whom you are praying for knows about your prayers, then that influence can be very beneficial.

It is always the individual who has control of their own powers of creation. They create their own reality whether they realize it or not, whether it’s deliberate or not. Most people you know create out of a reaction to what they observe. They often create out of fear. When they react to present conditions out of fear, they create conditions that they would not choose. Sometimes, under dire circumstances, people let go of fear and they bounce right back. However, there is always the probability of expansion in every unwanted condition.

Your prayer has only the ability to create in your reality unless the person you are praying for knows what you are doing. Now, this is an interesting point since it is your reality and you intend for someone to benefit from your prayer. Aren’t they a part of your reality? Yes and no. They exist in the framework of your reality as long as you understand their relationship to you is eternal. Whether they appear with you in this physical reality or not has nothing to to with their relationship with you. They are still a part of your reality. You cannot change that. If they transition to the nonphysical, they are still with you and you can perceive them if you believe you can, expect you can, and you practice communicating with them.

Your prayers and your intentions are creative actions affecting your reality. Thus, it is important to understand what you’re really doing when you pray. You are creating. You are altering your reality. You cannot pray against something. You cannot pray away something unwanted. You must pray or intend for something wanted to happen. It will always be for it to happen in your reality. If you pray for someone to get well or do well, then you are really praying for the banishment of some unwanted condition outside of your control and this is not possible.

Praying works best when you pray for something wonderful you want personally. It is effective as a tool for moving towards something you want to experience or feel. It is not effective as a tool for altering the reality of another for you cannot know what is best for anyone else. They are growing in their expansion, and even though you might judge it as wrong or unnecessary, it is always right. It will always unfold in the perfect way, even if it sometimes looks like something you personally would not want.

You do not need to pray for another’s well-being since well-being is their birthright and it flows to everyone equally. You cannot pray for them to allow the well-being to flow to them because they must go through whatever it is they need to go through to come to a place where they can grow and expand as a consciousness. Everyone is on their own perfect journey. We can tell you this because you are a master whether you understand that fact or not. You see things from a much higher, broader perspective and you are at another level of consciousness altogether.

So pray for yourself as long as the prayer feels good and pray for others if that feels good to you. Know that everything is unfolding perfectly and remove your judgment of good or bad, right or wrong. Understand that there is far more going on than you can presently perceive. Look at things from the higher perspective. Pay attention to what’s really going on and allow things to unfold before you attempt to alter the conditions. It will all work out perfectly if you simply go with the flow of life. Your vibration has brought you to this place where you now stand as a powerful creator. Believe that everyone else is on their own path to their own similar stance and try not to worry about them. Everything is working out perfectly.

Your friend Scott wants to convey the following message:

“All is well. It is more wonderful than you can imagine. I am with you not just on Facebook but in life as well. You can perceive me if you try. I don’t just visit, I am with you. There is much more to this relationship than you can know. Look at what happened from the higher perspective and you will know that everything is right.”

You are loved more than you can imagine.