Dear Joshua,

Non physical, like Joshua and Abraham, are focused in groups – is our Inner Being also focused that way? Or, is it singular while we are physical?


Dear Jennifer,

The nature of our nonphysical existence is difficult to put in terms you can understand from your perspective. Physical reality demands that you live an individual experience in order to expand your consciousness. Since this is your reality and experience, it is difficult to imagine that individuality is not preferred in our existence.

You have the aspect of time and focus within the structure of your reality. You live in moment-by-moment increments of time and your focus is usually on one subject at a time. We do not experience time and we have unlimited focus. While you watch one channel on your television, we can watch them all. You might have one conversation with a friend while we can carry on unlimited conversations simultaneously.

You might observe your child and expect that this relationship is similar to how your inner self watches over you. However, your child is not in your presence while you’re at work, or shopping for groceries, or while you are asleep. You inner self is fully aware of you in every moment. You do not really know everything your child is thinking, or feeling, or believing, yet your inner self is aware of all of these aspects of you at all times.

Your inner self moves with the flow of interests and passions in the nonphysical. While constantly aware of you, your inner self is also aware of many other subjects, and other people. Think of us in the nonphysical as you imagine how your sun beams its light throughout your solar system. The sun casts its light upon you, your children and those you know. It casts its light on other parts of your planet simultaneously. It sends its light out to the moon and the other planets. Its light is far reaching and continuous. This is how we are. We are beaming our consciousness outward and shining it upon those who are vibrationally in tune with it. Our consciousness mingles with other consciousnesses in the nonphysical. It also is available to you here in the physical realm as well. We are always on, always available.