Hey Joshua,

I’m assuming Joshua is a collec1ve gathering of higher intelligence. Is there any dis1nc1on from Abraham, and if so, can you explain?


Dear Jennifer,

Joshua is the physical manifestation of higher intelligence from broader, nonphysical perspective. We are beaming this intelligence to anyone who is within its vibrational frequency. We are available to all. We are like the sun. We are constantly radiating our message and all you have to do to receive it is stand outside and soak it up.

Joshua is unique in that it comes through Gary. Gary translates our thought forms into his words. If Gary spoke another language, we would come through in that language for we come as thought, not as words. Gary has an ability that is somewhat unique. He is able to allow for the existence of us. He believes we exist and so, to the extent of his beliefs, we emerge. If he had a different set of beliefs, the tone and scope of our message would be different.

Gary believes he can write this information and thereby preserve his belief that he is normal. If he believed he could speak this information and still be seen as normal, he would do so. He allows us through the filter of his beliefs. He, however, has a uniquely open set of beliefs that few humans hold. He believes he is a writer and so he understands how this flow of energy works through writing. He believes that others have the capacity to receive this information. He believes he is an easy source or method by which this information may flow to others. He has a unique level of confidence that allows us to flow our information. He has a practical sense and our information flows in a way that can help many people at various levels of awareness. He is interested in providing tools and processes for your development. While the information is beneficial on a philosophical level, he intends for others to use this information to improve their lives and the lives of countless others around the world.

Your wanting of this information, along with the deep wanting of others close to Gary, and many millions of others around the world, has led to the unfolding of this information in a unique and understandable manner so that is it accessible to millions who are seeking this message.

Abraham is our message as filtered through Esther. Esther and Gary are different, as you all are. Esther is has a different set of life experiences and beliefs. She is also from a different generation. Her upbringing and childhood was of a different time entirely even though they are not so different in age. Gary came with a different vibration. While Esther was open and ready to receive, Gary was much like Jerry in that he was searching for practical answers his whole life. Esther’s influence allowed Gary to reach the vibrational level necessary to receive us. His belief that we, as Joshua, are now a part of him allows our message to continue. We are co-creating this message with Gary just as we are co-creating this message with Esther. The difference is the vibrational signals of each person and their interpretations of the message.

There may be some differences in the way the message is translated but the essence of the message is the same. “You are the creator of your reality.” The way in which the massage is translated by Gary will reach different people and so it is necessary that the message have other messengers. In this time of awakening there will be many messengers, most of whom will receive inspiration from us but will not acknowledge us. It is helpful for some to see that this information comes from other humans. However, many people need to see that the message comes from a nonphysical source and they will, at some level, be able to resonate with this message in this manner.