Hello Joshua.

It’s been a long time since I’ve asked you a question. Life is unfolding beautifully for me and I feel like I’m at an important place in time.

I am very fortunate to have the loving support of my husband which has allowed me to walk away from a very lucrative, yet stressful job. I’ve been out of work for about 5 weeks and absolutely loving the peace and freedom.

I’m proud of my ability to (mostly!) stay present and ward off panic over the financial burden this is creating. I’m trusting that the more I focus on ease and appreciation for this freedom, that the next step will come to me, where I can have the large income but in a way that is fulfilling and fun and also allow me to make my own schedule because I adore this freedom. I’ve never approached earning money this way before so I don’t know what passion I may have yet. I’m doing my best to remain open to inspiration. I would love to know if I’m on the right track or if the underlying fear (that I know is there even if understated) is compromising my progress and I’m not really aware of it? I have a few questions besides wanting a vibrational “check in”. Some are related and some aren’t:

Do you know me? I mean, are you aware of me in this lifetime, my past, my experiences, this persona, or do you only know the non physical me? The larger me? Do you know about my childhood, for example?
Am I also a part of Joshua (my non physical me)?

We (my family) are seriously considering an out of state move. I know that whether we go or stay, I need to line up with whichever decision. Why am I struggling so much? Fear I suppose. When there is indecision, is it best to just relax and stay present and allow the universe to bring signs for which path to take?

Have I been missing signs? I resonated with the person who asked you why not much evidence had presented itself despite feeling like their vibration had improved. Should I too start taking inventory of thoughts that I get?

I’ve been starting most of my mornings at the beach after dropping my children off at school. I feel like it’s really helping me stay centered and raising my vibration. So, do I just need to keep at it, trust and be patient?

That’s a lot! I’m grateful to you all and to Gary for this interaction. Very excited to hear from you.

With love and gratitude,

Dear Jennifer,

First of all, everything is right. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. You cannot fail. It is not possible to fail. Your entire persona is built upon the foundation of success as you alone perceive it to be. However, you can do no wrong; not in your work, or in your capacity as a mother and wife. You are free from the bondage that this entails. We know you, which is to say we know the current vibration that you, Jennifer, is emitting right now. We see what the universe sees. The universe is responding to you by bringing you everything you want and need. There are some things you want that you cannot see coming. There are some things you need that when you see them coming you dismiss them as wrong for you. You judge what is good or bad, without thinking it through and without realizing that it is all good and all for your benefit. As you know, you are your own worse boss.

You demand things of yourself that are not necessary in order to prove to yourself and others that you are good. This notion of good came to your through your childhood and that is not wrong. It was intended by you prior to your birth so that you would be launched on this trajectory toward that life you are now living. Everything has happened perfectly and will happen perfectly too. There is no need to regret anything that may have happened in the past, because it all unfolded perfectly to bring you here. There is no need to worry about the future because the future has infinite possibilities and you cannot possibly predict the one that will take place. All you are doing by worrying is making the present moment less enjoyable.

So, in this moment in time, everything is perfect. Would you agree with that statement? As you sit reading this answer, you must agree that everything is perfect just as it is. You might think of things that could be improved, but that is an illusion. In this moment, everything is absolutely perfect in your life as it is right now. Hold on, what about the future? Let’s wait five minutes and check in again. Yes, now that five minutes have elapsed, everything is still perfect. Wait, what about tomorrow? We’ll wait until tomorrow and again, everything will be perfect. Well hold on now, what about this day one year from now? We will go into the future and report back that on this day one year from now, everything will be perfect. Hold on, what if my child is sick? If your child is sick, that too is perfect because it is happening for her. How you perceive it (good or bad) is up to you, but if she attracts the flu, then that is for her and you cannot know how it is for her, you must have faith that the universe is responding to her vibration just as it responds to yours.

Doesn’t that mean that you must help her achieve alignment and that she must not experience contrast? No, that is not your job. She has an inner self who’s responsible and fully capable of communicating with her through her emotions and thoughts, just as you have an inner self who is fully aware of you and is guiding you every step of the way.

Once you make a decision, you must fully commit to that decision and never ever consider what might have been. What might have been cannot be known and therefore the only perfect decision is the one you made, because it has led you here. You do not create the reality you want by making all the correct decisions and avoiding mistakes, you create the reality you want by allowing the universe to bring you all that you’ve asked for. You asked for your last job and at the time you received it, you were elated. Now you are ready for something else. The experience of that job created contrast and you gave birth to many new desires. One desire was for ease. We think that this is very good for you specifically. One was for freedom. We think you had all the freedom and time that you needed, but you resisted it. One was for finding your passion. We think that this is available to you if you allow it. Why would you not allow your passion to come to you? Fear.

You are still living by the old approach to life which tells you to go out there and make everything happen on your own while being safe as you do it. You think it’s all up to you and you must do your best at all times otherwise nothing good can come to you. We say relax and go with the flow of life only enjoying doing what you want to do without fear. That seems unrealistic to you and so you cannot even imagine that from where you stand right now. So then, what are you to do?

You are at the beach experiencing life as you want it to be, being easy about things, feeling less stress (although worry about the future creates stress) and feeling like you have time for the first time in ages. It is a nice feeling and now you are caught in a paradox. How do you continue to feel ease with the pressure of financial obligations? At some point, won’t you be sucked back into the exact same situation you just escaped? That is a conundrum, isn’t it?

There is only one thing you can do, you must radically change your entire approach to life. You must become detached from the fears and anxiety that surrounds you. You must alter your persona, which is the fabricated identification with who you think you are. Your persona is not you, it is a limited version of you and this very persona keeps you grinding away at a life that is not for you. It is a false life created by irrational fears. You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. Who you really are is one who is not swayed or influenced by irrational fear. Who you really are is one who trusts in the universe. Who you really are is one who does not need to be considered good, decent, respectable, or successful. Who you really are does not need to be seen as intelligent. Who you really are has full faith in the universe and does not need to control everything and everyone. Who you really are is one who is comfortable in alignment with all that is and not one who allows herself to be out of alignment.

You are aligned with your inner self and with who you really are in those moments of joy, ease, bliss, satisfaction, happiness, and love. You are out of alignment whenever you feel fear and sink into a lower emotional state of being. Now you must think more about what you really want without giving into fear. Do not give into the fear that you won’t have enough money. Do not give into the fear that you won’t be seen as successful or good. Do not give into the fear that something wrong could happen to your children. Do not give into the fear that you must have a certain level of income to be secure and safe. There is only one thing you can do. Find your own alignment with who you authentically are and become that version of you.

You did not come to physical reality to be a good mother, a good wife, a good daughter, a good employee, a good citizen, or any of that. You came here to explore life in your own unique way and expand through experience in joy. The life you have been living up to this point in time has been perfect, but it has been inauthentic. You know this is true because you can feel the level of alignment that exists now that did not exist before. You are finally standing in a place where you can accept who you really are as worthy without having to prove it to anyone and therefore you can go forth and be, do, and have what you personally want. This is your life and you do not have to control anyone or anything around you, all you have to do is consider what it is that you want and you will be supported.

Doesn’t it feel selfish to think first and only of what you personally want? On the contrary. This is your life. Your universe revolves around you. If you can become a shining example of alignment by focusing only on what you want, everyone else in your reality will shift to accommodate you and will benefit from your example. By you being authentically you, you will attract a match to the most powerful and creative version of you and this will be done through love. Therefore, you will only attract love. Now, we must state that you have decades of momentum built up and that it will take time and focus for you to turn it around. But if this is what you want, you’ll have the universe, your inner self, and your guides and supporters helping you every step of the way. You will face many, many manifestation events and you will use these opportunities to adjust your beliefs. If you can adjust some of your most rigid beliefs, you will begin to create the reality you truly desire.

The vast majority of your life is wonderful. There is nothing to improve in your outside world. It is perfect as it is. However, your inner world is ripe with inner conflict and stress. You have created an outer reality that appears to be safe and stress-free, yet the maintenance of this reality is stressful to you. It is your inner feelings that you want to improve and as you improve those feelings, your outer reality will match it more wonderfully than you could ever imagine.

You escaped a condition that you did not like. However, that condition was simply a reflection of how you feel. You will find another condition and unless you make big changes to how you feel, the new conditions will look just like or even more intense than the old conditions. Change your inside conditions rather than changing your outside conditions because they are merely a reflection of how you feel.

There is no one else to consider. This is your reality. There is no knowledge outside of you. You are self-contained. You will be inspired to action that will lead you to what is wanted as long as you can maintain a high-emotional state of being. That is your only work. Your work is to feel good no matter what is gong on around you. Your work is to find a way to allow yourself to feel good at all times. The only reason you ever feel bad is fear. The fear is irrational and false and therefore, it is an illusion. You must see through the illusion of fear and talk yourself back into feeling good. You must look at everything from a much higher perspective. You must not lose this opportunity to feel good at this point in time so that you can be led to the very next step that is right in front of you.

If you can feel good, you will receive inspiration. If you can push past the irrational fear that will always surface, you can move toward creating the reality you desire. You were inspired to ask this question and the universe responded by giving you this answer. What will you be inspired to do next?

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count,
We are Joshua