Dear Joshua,

Thank you for all the incredible information.

My question concerns my inner world more than my outer world. I am continually amazed at the richness, beauty, and perfection of the outer world. It is clear that there are no actual problems there. I believe that I may be here to explore the issue and dynamics that exist in my inner world.

I am frequently distracted and absorbed by some of the inner content that appears in my mind, if I allow it, which is an ongoing challenge. I have decided to view the cast of characters that populate my inner world as for me, and to accept them completely, rather than view them as something to try to get rid of. I haven’t succeeded at that over many years. I don’t think they are my guides or millions, as their messages are often negative – seeming to trash concepts like my being worthy, magnificent, or expanding, or even the existence of the nonphysical side of life. As they do this, I just barrel ahead and affirm my understanding of the higher perspective – “all is well,” I am worthy,” “I am magnificent,” “there can only be perfect conditions, given my vibration,” etc. I see that this reinforcement of the higher perspective over and over is “for me.” Can this be the wonderfulness in this inner situation, which sometimes has the feel of spiritual boot camp? How else is this for me? Can I vibrate out of range of these internal cast of characters?

Thank you for your higher perspective on this situation.

With love,

Dear Jeff,

We would say that there are no malevolent characters in the nonphysical. Even negative thoughts are not actually negative. You perceive some things as good and right and others as wrong and bad. You are able to see the perfection in your outer world and you have come to escape the duality that mankind revels in. You perceive that what you receive via your physical senses is good and your judgment determines your perception. You look for and see the good that exists in your outer world. You wish things were different in your inner world. You wish the voices were kind and supportive. You perceive that if those voices were empowering, you would enjoy life more. It’s a classic example of when this happens, I’ll feel better. Well, that’s not the way the system works.

You live an abundant life. You receive everything you need to explore reality as you intended to explore it. You discovered teachings that allowed you to see that your outer world is perfect. You have voices that seem to torment you on the inside. However, those voices are part of the exploration you intended. Without those voices, you could not experience physical reality as you are experiencing it now. You could not discover that which you are here to discover.

Many people experience similar distracting voices and inner entities. These entities actually cause them to birth desires and set up trajectories that could not be formed otherwise. Many people do not understand the purpose of these more specific inner voices. They make up reasons for their existence that are not true. Any negative association with whatever is happening in your reality is due to fear, including these entities. They are not bad, wrong, mean-spirited, or anything else. They are simply necessary for the exploration you chose in this incarnation.

When we say love, we mean acceptance. In love there is no resistance, only acceptance. You may not want to love these entities for fear you will keep them around. We say love them and if they remain necessary to the exploration of reality that you are here to accomplish, they will stay. If the become unnecessary (because you are now choosing to explore something else), they will become less intense.

Everything you need to explore reality as you intended has been provided for your benefit so that you may carry on your exploration. If you perceive that some of the equipment is burdensome, you might resent the fact that you have to lug it around. However, all of the equipment you have is necessary for this particular exploration. Embrace it as good, even if you do not yet realize its purpose or value. In time you will. When that time comes, you will see everything clearly. Until then, trust that it is all right and all good and try to resist it a little less.

Always remember that you are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count!

With our love,
We are Joshua