Dear Joshua,

LOA experts always claim that we can manifest absolutely everything we want, everything is possible. But can you really manifest the seemingly “impossible” – and if so, how? Has anyone ever done that?

Like, for example: when you would like to have a child but you are too old and have no partner and no money or when you would love to have a great circle of friends but you have a chronic illness and have lived in social isolation for years. Or when you want to have your own home but have barely any money to cover your daily needs…

Is really *everything* possible to manifest?


Dear Jeannette,

Everything, absolutely everything, is possible. If you can imagine it, it can be made possible. The only thing that holds you back from the creation of your dreams is your doubt.

Your beliefs control the boundaries of your reality. What you believe is possible is what is possible for you. Nothing more. Expand your beliefs and you expand your experience of reality. Alter your beliefs and you quite literally change your life.

You can have, be, or do anything you want as long as you believe you can. So, quite obviously, the thing to work on is your set of beliefs. Beliefs fall into two categories; limiting and beneficial. You can work to enhance the intensity of beneficial beliefs and to reduce the intensity of limiting beliefs. To do this you must analyze the basis of your beliefs.

If a belief does not serve you, we call it limiting. If there is no unequivocal evidence to support this belief, we call it a false belief. All limiting beliefs are false for there is no real evidence to support them. It’s all simply hearsay. For instance, if you believe you cannot attract a mate, you simply have a set of beliefs that does not support what it is that you desire. Alter your perspective and you will reduce the intensity of the belief.

The tool we use to alter a belief is called a device. A person believes he cannot jump out of an airplane and survive so he uses a device called a parachute. It is the device that reduces the intensity of the limiting belief and ultimately allows him to believe that he can jump out of the plane and survive. Find a device that allows you to believe that you can achieve what you desire. For some it may be practice, it may be education, or it may be evidence that supports what you want.

Since all limiting beliefs are considered by you to be fact, simply use a device that disproves that fact. If you believe you cannot attract a mate, you might habitually say things like “There are no good single people left.” If you can prove to yourself that this is false, you can reduce the limiting effects of the belief. You will shake the foundation of this belief and it will begin to crumble.

Take a close look at what you believe, decide if it’s limiting, then use a device to reduce the intensity of the belief.


Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers who communicate their messages through Gary Temple Bodley. Gary is a channel and is able to allow the communication from this higher perspective to flow through the method of free-writing. Joshua’s first book titled “A Perception Of Reality” was written in 2014 and explains the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality in a clear and practical manner.