Hi Joshua ,

If time is an illusion, and everything is already happening right now. How can expansion happen? Because wouldn’t everything already be completely expanded? Doesn’t expansion require a timeline? As in, yesterday was this and today is more?

Thank You,
Jeanette Maw

Dear Jeanette,

In the nonphysical, there is no time and you might understand that. We exist on a plane of reality where we can see everything simultaneously. To you this seems foreign. What we look at is what we enjoy. We are interested in so many things, one of which is your experience of reality and we follow that as you live your lives in this time on your planet. You are at the leading edge of creation.

For you to experience reality, you must have the illusion of space and time. Now, time is a relative thing as you can imagine. Time to a race car driver is different than time to a baby. You experience time in your present-day world differently than the Native Americans a millennium ago. To them, time was measured by the moon, to you time is measured by the second. But what is time?

Time is just a tool that allows you to track your progress. It is a tool that allows you to see every day from a new perspective. In nonphysical, our perspective is very broad because we can see everything. In physical reality, your perspective is limited by time and space, but your perspective changes with every moment and with every minute. As you grow older, you experience life from a different perspective. As you move your body you experience the environment from a different perspective. It is like looking at an ice sculpture from many angles. Every minute the sculpture melts a little and the sculpture appears different with the passage of time. As you move around the sculpture, you see new things from different angles. The purpose of time and space is to allow for new perspectives and experiences.

Time and space are both illusions, however, these illusions are meant to be fun. What is actually happening is that all possibilities exist simultaneously and you are constantly shifting, moment by moment, into new and unique possibilities. You just don’t realize it. To you it seems consistent, but that is also an illusion. When you watch a film you see the flow of motion because your vision cannot keep up with the rapidly moving frames. If you stop the film and look at it closely, you will notice that it is made up of many individual pictures (or moments). Each frame is unique and is independent of the frames that surround it on either side. However, when placed at a certain speed, the frames seem to combine to tell a story.

This is as close to explaining physical reality as we are able. In physical reality there are infinite frames connected on all sides of the moment. In a film you move from one frame to the next in a linear fashion. In physical reality, you move from one moment to the next, but their are possible moments on all sides the the moment and the moment is like a sphere, with infinite sides and therefore infinite possibilities.

You expand from on moment to the next. Therefore, expansion is automatic and cannot be stopped. As long as you’re exploring new moments, which you could not stop if you wanted to, you are expanding. You only think you expand when something big happens, like a manifestation event. That’s not true. You are always expanding and therefore always changing from one moment to the next. It just seems like the same you, with the same memories, but in each moment it is a different you with different memories. The only thing holding it all together is your consciousness.

What this means is that you can completely change in the next moment to whoever you want to be. It can be done instantaneously. But because you believe you are the same person as you were in the last moment, the last hour, the last day, the last year, and all the previous years of your life, you don’t think you can change. But you are not the same person, you are completely and totally new in every moment. What is the mechanism by which you move through these infinite realities? The Law of Attraction. This force, like gravity, moves you in the direction of your point of focus.

You can focus anywhere and the Law of Attraction responds instantly. The thing that keeps you from being transported instantly is your belief system. Your belief system creates resistance to that point of your focus which is a good thing. If you are worried about being eaten by lions, the Law of Attraction sees that you are focused on lions and tries to bring you to one for dinner. Your resistance keeps you out of the lion’s mouth. However, as you focus on what’s wanted, your resistance keeps you from the fullest and most elegant manifestation of that as well. What you get is simply what you allow yourself to receive. If it’s not the fullest and most elegant manifestation, then there was some resistance that kept you from receiving the full and complete blossoming of that desire.

It does not matter whether you understand the illusion of time and space. It only matters that you understand the underlying mechanism so that you can use the leverage of universal forces to improve your experience of life. Now that you know that time and space are illusions designed to allow for new perspectives, you can use perspective to create whatever you desire. Now that you know that in each moment you have completely changed to something new, you no longer need to hang on to the baggage of the past. Now that you know that all possibilities are available to you and through focus you will be guided there, you need not resist that which you want.

On earth as in the nonphysical realm, all things are possible. You are learning to use your powers of manifestation and creation and as you learn more about the mechanism of reality, you can see through the illusion and enhance your powers.

Of course, it’s a lot of fun to be swept away by the story in a movie theater. The illusion is fun and since most people do not want to direct the film, they simply become entertained by the drama. It’s perfectly fine to buy a ticket and just enjoy the show.