Dear Joshua,

I have a friend who lives strange situations of concern, at the limit of the paranormal. For example, she suffered unexplained water damage in her apartment or hotel where she stayed. She has bad luck in many areas (family, professional, …). Because of this she is engaged in many financial and judicial proceedings. All this goes beyond it, including the fact that it touches the realm of the paranormal. She looks in all directions: she consults therapists and is willing to involve mediums or exorcists to understand the situation and solve it. She wonders if what happens to her is the responsibility of the hereafter and what mastery can she have? She does not see how to return to a healthy situation. People do not believe her and her friends think she is delirious. So how can she get out of this situation? What actions to ask? What attitude to adopt? Thank you for helping her!

Jean Pierre

Dear Jean,

All life on this plane of physical reality is sovereign and fully capable of creating whatever they want. You are a creator and so is everyone else, including your friend. She is creating her experience and so are you. From your perspective, it may seem as if another is not creating in their own reality, because if they were they would choose to create something else. But this is not the case. You create your life, your perception of reality and you conduct your own exploration. Everyone else is creating in their own reality and conducting their own unique exploration. It is always the exploration of self.

When you are feeling good and in alignment, you are seeing your reality as your inner self sees it. Your inner self perceives that your life and your exploration are good and in times where you feel good, you agree. Sometimes you do not feel good and on these occasions, you are simply disagreeing with how your inner self is seeing your life. Your inner self has more information than you do. Your inner self sees your life from a very high perspective. Sometimes, you choose the limited perspective and this brings up fear. It is the fear that you are in some sort of danger, but the danger is not real. Nothing wrong is happening, you are simply perceiving things as wrong. Therefore, you are caught in the illusion of bad or wrong.

You have an inner guidance system, just as everyone else has. You are being guided in every moment and so is everyone else. When you feel positive emotion, that is guidance. When you are receiving negative emotion, that too is guidance. Since you are always feeling something, you are always being guided. Positive emotion is the signal that your perspective is aligned with your inner self’s perspective. Negative emotion is the indication that you are perceiving an illusion. It is the illusion of imperfection. It is the illusion that something wrong or bad has happened, is happening, or might happen in the future. It is an illusion.

Nothing bad or wrong can happen to you, for you are not a victim, but the creator of your reality. The perception of bad or wrong is derived from a limited perspective based on limiting beliefs. Without the presence of certain limiting beliefs, you could not perceive that anything is wrong. Therefore, it is never the outside conditions that make you feel anything, it is your belief that things are either good or bad, right or wrong. Since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, you must be perceiving an illusion of reality. And your inner self is letting you know this fact.

So what is happening in the reality of your friend? Is anything really wrong or is she simply exploring life as a victim? If she chooses to conduct an exploration of victimhood, then this is a valid and worthwhile thing for her to explore. Her experience is based on her set of beliefs and her perception of herself, her life, her world, and her role in that world. She is believing that bad and evil things can happen to her. We are explaining to you that nothing bad is actually happening. It is the illusion of bad. In fact, all of the things coming to her are actually for her. She may resist the information contained in manifestation events, but they point out her limiting beliefs and she will always expand as she faces new obstacles. Whether she understands what is happening now is not actually important. She will understand it all when she makes her transition to the nonphysical. Some people will never recognize their inherent value and responsibility as a creator. There might be a bit too much momentum for them to change. However, the opportunity to change the focus of your attention and conduct a new exploration is always available. Anyone can change their course of exploration to discover who they truly are rather than who they are not.

You must allow for others to conduct their own exploration. You need not allow their experience to influence your experience. They may be exploring something that is right for them, yet it is not right for you. You can choose any exploration you like. If you choose to explore your power as a creator, you must start by accepting that everything is always, always right and that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. If you buy into the illusion of wrong or bad, you are conducting an exploration of wrong, bad, and victimhood. There is nothing wrong with that, but this was not your intention. You intended to experience the lack and the abundance; the fear and the love. You can allow others to conduct whatever exploration they choose and you are free to choose your own exploration. Explore love and acceptance. Explore true freedom and abundance. Explore the magnificence and limitless essence of who you truly are.

Explore your authentic self and you will experience everything you intend to experience in this life.

With our love,
We are Joshua