Dear Joshua,

Wow…that was fast! 🙂 Thank you and please thank Joshua for me! I was most curious about their answer. I discuss LOA principles and share the link to the radio show with friends, family and acquaintances. The questions remain the same…how does ‘God’/higher power play into LOA principles? I already have the realization that everything and everyone stems from God (higher power), but was looking for a way to better answer their questions without transferring my ‘beliefs.’ I started a spiritual journey many years ago and somehow I am now being lead to the LOA field. I will go with it so long as long as it feels right. When I listen to my intuition (the God voice within), I already have access to all the answers, but I am always open to raising my vibration and elevating my perspective.

In light and love,

Dear Janine,

It is all one and the same. When you think of God, we think of all that is. Humans have many different ideas for what God represents. As you state that God is higher power, you could also see God as what some call source energy. We see God as a system that encompasses all that is. We are all one and we are all God. God would be the source of all that is. The Law of Attraction is a part of the system, but is not the whole system. It is a way we convey how the system works, along with the Law of Expansion and the Law of Continuity. We see that using the term Law of Attraction is another way of talking about the study of the mechanism of physical reality and all the underlying fundamentals of the universe. Law of Attraction is becoming a term that defines those who are awakening to the reality that lies beneath the perceived reality as defined by your physical senses.

As we see God, we do not see an individual being that is separate from who we all are. As we see God, we do not see a figure who will judge, for in the nonphysical, there is no judgment. We do not see a God who man must fear. We do not see a God who man must obey. These are man’s teachings. All we are doing is opening you up to another, higher perspective where you can grasp what is really going on here.

It will be difficult to explain the difference between our teachings and religious teachings to those who are not within the vibrational range of understanding our ideas. But for those who are, you may define our teachings as this: We understand the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality as they are without the illusion caused by your physical senses. We know what is possible and we teach a practical approach to life that utilizes the forces of the universe. We teach that all the power is within you and thus you have the free will and absolute ability to be, do and have whatever you want in this life. We know that you are an eternal being who cannot die and may live as many lives as you wish. We know that you are here for the fun and expansion of living a physical existence. We know that you are on a path to becoming who you really are.

We understand that you may become distracted by physical desires and pleasure and often you are influenced by others, but underneath it all you have an internal guidance system that works through your emotions. When you feel good, you are on the way to receiving all that you want. When you feel negative emotion, you are momentarily resisting the path that will lead you to what you want.

It is not necessary for you to explain more than this to anyone for if they are within range, they will be led to our teachings or to similar teachings by others. You act as a beacon and while some may gravitate to what you have to say, others will not be ready for it. You do not have to convince them, you simply allow them to come and go as they please. Do not be upset if they cannot or will not hear your words, they are on their own path and they will get there eventually. You are on the leading edge and are on another level entirely. Don’t expect too many to be able to follow you out there.

You have a defined idea of God which may be evolving slightly. Don’t fear that you will lose touch with what you have understood. Everything will be revealed with patience. There is no wrong and so it is not wrong to explore new ideas. You will always find a way to resolve your previous conclusions with these new thoughts. It is all working out for you just as you intended prior to your birth. You are perfectly positioned for what’s coming next. You have nothing to fear because you will find all of it to be fun and exciting.